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Good to be back...


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Unless you is from Spain *grin* then the reason you were unable to get your old name is that you were beaten to the fur, so to speak as zemink has been taken.


Which could make for some interesting activity when posts and counts are brought over from Melody and incorporated in our database.


but I don't have to worry about that *Wiping brow, very relieved*


Soooooooo, maybe you and the 'new' zemink should have a chat about changing names??


Oh and welcome back!

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I checked and for some reason your old Zemink was there but not activated. The normal cause for this is an email that gets lost in your email bulk bin somewhere. You are now activated under that name. Please check and see if you can use that name and let me know via pm. You should be able to enter with it. If you have problems we may have to simply update your password but we will not likely have to do that.


It makes unbelievable problems for us later on if we have name changes right now until we get the post counts from the old Den changed over to this site.


Please just be sure to give me a PM so I know which name to delete.

White Fox

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