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Article: "Why I love Russian Women in fur coats...&quot


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Ciao, tutti.





Now, I'd rather go to St. Moritz next weekend than Moscow, but maybe next winter. Anyone have any other great Russian pro-fur articles to share with us? All these article finds really should find their way into the Library.


I'm actually writing an article as I type this (boring non-fur topic, but as my grandmother says, it makes-a-da-money, eh?), but I have a few in my bookmarks from before I returned. Allora, all of you who are still enjoying the blessed fur weather...go enjoy it some more for me! It's springtime in Roma, but of course the Italian grannies are still hobbiling around in their mink coats tonight. Molti baci nell'aria, caro...(many air kisses, dahling).





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yes a very interesting article and the bulk of responses suggest that love of women in fur is a lot more mainstream than many of us imagine.


Of course as the eastern block has opened up, and Russia becomes a wealthy nation, people in the "isolated" parochial UK are starting to realise that we are pathetically narrow minded about the fur issue.

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