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Update on FrBrGr

White Fox

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Folks I thought you would like to know FrBrGr has gone in for some surgery to follow up on the last one. Before he went in he arranged for a contact person here so we could get updates on his condition. BrGr and the Dutchess report that all is going well, and indeed he is getting fairly close to returning home again. We hope to hear from him again in another couple of days from home. This is the second of three, but he was of course in much better shape going into this one and thus he is coming out from it more easily. We are hoping that the last is really fairly minor.


We will keep you informed if there are any changes.


White Fox.

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This is to finish off what they began before. Indeed he seems well on the way to recovery, and hopefully he will be back on site very soon.


We will keep you informed as we get reports on the situation. I am indeed hoping that we might hear from him right here as early as the first of the week.



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Hey White Fox!!


Thanks for keeping us all informed about FrBrGr, and be sure to wish him a speedy recovery from me, ok? Will be looking forward to when he is well enough to come back online!!

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