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To secret visitors

Guest touchofsable

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I post this from time to time and I think with all the new changes it needs a mention again.


Welcome. You are home.

This is not a place to feel ashamed of your passion for fur. You may be a diehard fetishist, or maybe a person who just thinks ladies look good in fur, or maybe you are someone who values the liberty to wear fur, a model, a designer, a furrier, a trapper, fur farm worker, lady who loves to wear her fur without hassle, or even TV/TG the same; or just value the right to wear it and use it as the infinitely renewable and eco friendly resource it is, and were just scouring here for a pro argument.


Fur is NOT cruel.

A lifetime of visiting farms fur farms and speaking with aboriginal peoples all around the globe but particularly the northern forests have convinced me it is time to speak out. So if you value fur too, as a truly beautiful thing, this is something to be proud of not ashamed of. You are normal. It is the PETAphiles and drones whose ideas fly in the face of two million years of hunting and fur by humans that are the perversion; and it is their "alternatives" which for the first time in human history threaten the planet.


Join us. Do not be afraid. We are a strong honest decent intelligent community here and your contribution will be valued.

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I can only echo what ToS says, I am still new here, and you have all been v nice and I hope acceppted me and my bad typing.

To all newbies, get typing and get involved, it is the way forward and you will only get positivity in return.

999 xxx

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Please use this thread if you like. or the FYI one, just to say hi if necessary.


As you know we are having a drive to encourage more members to participate.

So even if its just a short one line message; just saying hi or boo or thanks.

Once you have broken the ice who knows there may be no stopping you!

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Also, it is worth mentioning in the last twenty years or so it has become somehow abnormal to be into fur...whether you are male or female.


So this may actually be making some people reluctant to announce their presence.


Firstly let me say this isnt one of those sites where your details may be stored for use against you. You can easily retain an alter ego here.


But secondly, as I have said there is nothing wrong with fur. It is one of the most normal fetishes....rather like high heels.


The majority of women have no problem with a man with a fetish for corstetry, heels, or furs...because generally these are things that women like. If your partner doesn't like that sort of thing....well maybe it is her who is not quite right. Uneducated as it were in the discipline of female elegance and sexuality.

So if you are worried of being discovered by your partner that you like fur....well maybe you should ask yourself if you really want yourself and her to go on living a lie.


There are just as many women out there who yearn for the glamour of fur but whose man is not into it. In fact, these are far far more than you would possibly imagine. They are legion; many of them reluctantly acepting the toil of domesticity or work in a society that has which has forgotten they are women. But secretly yearning for glamour.


Now yes, there are women who have no idea of its magic; some who have fear of it because of public perception. They probably aren't into Manalo Blahnik either. These are women who think that you must love them "as they are"...in other words they think they don't have to make an effort. Or they are worried about what their friends think if thy suddenly start wearing heels and furs. Well it is they who are wrong. It IS perverse to find women in dungarees or polyester suits and no make up and flat shoes or drab casual wear attractive.


Maybe you should confess to your wife that you have a secret to tell her. Tell her you like dressing up in womens undies, wearing an asphixiation mask and lying down on warm pavements and making love to them while simultaneously have a prostitute urinate on you.

Then when you watch their face agahst, say, "nah just kidding I like ladies in fur". They will then in relief say "Thats it? Take me to the fur store now!"



So what are you going to do? Carry on lusting after other women when your own partner could be amazing in furs? If you are stuck with an anti....then ditch her period; she isn't the one for you.


In any case, you will feel at least a little better by "coming out" here.


There is certainly nothing to be ashamd of. It is absolutely normal to enjoy the power of display that furs are designed to give; whether you are a female who wants that feeling, or a man who appreciates it.


As I have said before...it isn't you who are perverse; it is the society we live in. Fur is beautiful; women in fur are beautiful. That is why the vast majority of fashion designers who understand how to dress women want to use it in their collections as the feature item.

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I've been lurking around the forums for several years now and would like everyone to know how much I appreciate their efforts.


As much as I would like to contribute I find it too much of a commitment of time in a busy life. Yes I'm a fur fan but not hardcore. Just so you are all a little more comfortable with a 'secret' visitor here is a little about me.


I am 39, male, single and live in the west of England.

I have some Lithuanian heritage, but have not met my Lithuanian mother.

I am an electrician

Financially I am skint while I start my own business

I am a trumpet player and love to play jazz.

My sporting hero is Nicole Cooke.

Most of my friends are vegies (and musicians) and I imagine would not approve of my secret interests.


My father (adoptive) died 16 months ago from complications of MS. He was a keen follower of country sports. A book of his excellent sports photos will be available soon - all proceeds to charity.


Women in fur are very erotic for me, especially the assertive look. I don't know why this is but it is interesting to speculate. I went travelling in Canada in the Autumn and plucked up the courage to visit a few furriers here and there and found the response to vary from dismissive to educational and even sexually charged.


So I hope you don't mind me ghosting in the background now that I've told you sooo much about myself.


Kind regards to you all and THANK YOU.

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From a fellow trumpet player, Alphonso - It's great to have you here! Chime in anytime you'd like when you have time!


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welcome Alphonso.

Hope you feel the courage to contribute whenever you can.

You don't have to be hardcore. In fact, you don't actually have to be a fetishist as such at all.

My assertion is that its pretty normal to like women in fur!

And for women to feel beautiful in it!


Very interested in your dad's book too. Keep us posted in the denne pub.

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Welcome Alphonso! I hope that we see more of you. Now that you've taken that first step, you'll find that your amongst a group of friends who share your passion!



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