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Have we got this in our wiki? Detailed Pro fur document

Guest touchofsable

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It's all summed up eloquently in the Forward:




As Richard North demonstrates, the arguments against the fur

trade are entirely spurious, and would, if valid, rule out the trades

in beef, pork, poultry, eggs and leather, not to speak of cat-gut

and neat's foot oil. The decision that a trade should be

criminalised, without any proof of its immorality or any

suggestion that it is socially divisive or environmentally

destructive, and only because a pressure group has said so, is a

novel departure in English government. That the decision should

come at a time when Parliament has become ostentatiously

permissive in all matters pertaining to traditional morality,

suggests that we are passing through a period of unusual

hypocrisy, in which morality has become a matter of fashionable

posturing rather than a submission to conscience.




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yes correct. It is what I am always saying it is inately wrong to criticise others on grounds of morality when this morality is clearly not shared by a huge minority of people.

The sanme argument applies to hunting or smoking. With the latter, as long as the non smokers rights are also catered for by complete segregation in restaurants etc then why is it a morality issue?


Hah maybe we could have fur zones and fur free zones on the same lines in every bar restaurant etc to keep everyone happy! And keep the PETA morons away from our beautiful women lol!

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There you go again Touch.


Shotgunning the topic.


Check on the fur subject.


Check on the hunting subject.


Smoking subject sends you to the corner with your Dunce Cap again [with repeated PeTA messeges built in].


The General Fur Den Site has been declared a smoke free zone [if only by the owner]


There is a designated Smoking Room and Gallery Album which have 3500 CFM fans installed to keep the rest of us smoke free. [pwerful enough to suck the hair of your Silver Fox]


Go to your room and excercise your freedom to smoke yourself to wherever. Itwascreated expressly for you and a few others.








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yes okay no problem...I just wanted to make the suggestion ....in jest....that we have fur areas and non fur ares rather like smoking and non smoking areas lol!


On the Richard North thing, there appear to be two of them

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