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Let's P A R T Y folks

White Fox

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Since there is already a thread about this in our Info Forum I am going to lock this one and suggest that you post in that thread if you wish to send our little one year old a card or some thoughts.



Folks this weekend our Baby is one year old. Our New Den celebrates it's first birthday! In fact, if you take it as the day - it was a Thursday night just about two hours earlier than this one year ago that we opened. By date, it is I believe Saturday night.


So now we are hoping that you will celebrate with us.


  • 1. First off, we hope that every member will spend some time in Chat. We mods will attempt to spend some time there and we hope that you will too. It is pretty much impossible to have everyone there at the same time so we are not even going to suggest that! However, we do suggest that you go there and try it out two or three times this weekend! If there is no member there when you enter just wait for 15 minutes. Very likely one will soon join you!
    2. We are also going to open up our time line for you to see the beginnings of it. It is still only a very bare skeleton, but I am certain that you will agree that it is indeed looking very, very interesting. We are already working on huge amounts of new material to go in there but that is not done yet. But it is coming. We also hope that you will remember that this is your area. So please feel free to contribute to it! I will announce the opening of the time line here later this weekend hopefully.
    As an aside to this, there is also another time line to come along soon. This will involve internet sites, etc. We are hoping to have it ready very quickly as well.
    3. We have also upgraded the "Search Words for Fur" in the Library page.
I think you will be surprised at how much information is in there when you put together the efforts that all of you have made. That really sums up the true purpose of the Library. To gather information together from different areas and store it.
4. We also hope that you will take this opportunity to think back to see who you think should be nominated into our Fur "Hall of Fame". Of course, you can also "un nominate someone" if you wish too. With your help that can be a tremendous area!


Just think folks. In just one year, we have 11,000 messages in 1400 topics in the Den. That is unbelievable. Add to that the 40,000 messages in 7300 topics in the Archive! Just think of the amount of material that is!


We have a Gallery with 7,500 photos that are almost all high quality and almost all are completely different thanks to the watchfulness of our staff there. But even more astounding is that we have had 350,000 views of individual photos in the Gallery. And the Gallery was no where near to opening when the site opened. It opened much later.


We have just saved much of the information from Fur Babe's and Mr Mockle's sites for you to see here for as long as this site exists. Which we hope will be forever.


Add to that we are about to begin to reorganize the Library to make it into a really great source for material for furs and wearing furs, etc. I have already seen the beginnings of that and it looks beautiful. It will be awhile in coming yet though. We want the Den to look "Classy". To show that there is nothing negative about furs or fur fetish.


So folks. Indeed it is time to PARTY. We hope that you will help us to celebrate our Birthday here on this site.


Since there is already a thread about this in our Info Forum I am going to lock this one and suggest that you post in that thread if you wish to send our little one year old a card or some thoughts.

Happy Birthday to the Fur Den.


White Fox

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