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After many years of 'lurking' I've decided to join! Hello to everyone. I'm based in the UK so my only fur sightings are on the net, when I go skiing and when my wife wears her furs at home

I'm off skiing next week, in France so the chances of seeing anything good are low! I'm trying to convince my wife to take one of her furs......

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welcome nerzman.


Indeed get your wife to take her furs.


First time I ever went to st moritz 10 years ago my girl wore a lovely black faux, ankle length. Within 5 minutes of being there she had decided that she wanted a real one! Don't let your wife make the same mistake!


She will be glad she has it even on the plane. Even the flight to Basel had about a half dozen furs on it each trip.


There is not the ignorance in france as in the UK....though the odd snowboarder may make a stupid comment; it is not backed up with real aggression, and a return comment about them disturbing wildlife by going off piste usually silences them.


Anyway a hearty welcome; good to have another Brit on board. A surprising amount of us here for an anti nation huh? Truth is we arent. We are a nation in which the politik of envy has been encouraged by ten years of socialism though.....and that is the real problem here. You are more likely to get your nice car scratched as be abused for wearing fur.


I have now worn a black fox for three weeks everywhere and not had one anti comment. I stay out of town centres where yobs lurk, but on trains, airports, restaurants hotels pubs in okay areas no problem. My girlfriend has done the same for nine years even in summer and only had one bad comment and that was from a pissed up envious older alchy woman in a pub ....who was dragged out by half a dozen people.

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It is always so great to see another new member here posting. We really do look forward to each and every one of those!


You may have noticed that we are seeing more and more posts about women wearing furs in the UK. It may not be like White Turf there by any stretch of the imagination. But it really does look like the time is coming when you will see more and more furs there.


Hope that you and your wife have a great trip!


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Hi Nerzman, welcome another Brit


My wife sounds the same as yours. But we were in France recently and she had no qualms about taking her blue fox jacket, wore it frequently, and no one even looked at it (as far as I'm aware) . In fact I had to resort to going up to people shaking them by the shoulders and saying "Look at my wife!! dont you recognise beauty when it's thrust in front of you?"....well Ok that last bit is a little bit untrue.


Point is she doesn't feel easy about wearing fox in public in UK (OK with mink though), but she felt quite comfortable (and warm) in france.


Anyway welcome to the Den spotlight instead of the shadows. Post again


(ToS always has some interesting points to comment on!!!!)

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Nerzman, welcom to the light of the den.

And by all means, make sure your wife takes at least one of her furs along, or have the feeling she may feel out of place without it...which is far preferable to the other way round don't you agree?

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