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St Moritz White Turf slideshow 2007


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Interesting question.

There are two ways of trasining polo ponies. The Argentinain method, which breaks them traditionally and gives such obedience that they can trun on a sixpence at command, or the british, which allows for the horse to retain its own will. The latter can produce horses who can "anticipate"...supposedly impossible but I have seen it. Of course the later means you must be a great horseman, and also are unlikely to be such a high handicap player as the Argentinian who rides a "machine", but somehow I prefer it. It is great to see a horse make its own judgements, remain fesity etc. The Argentine grooms think we are nuts and allowing them that causes problems like kicking other horses in the lines...which they moan about.


For the snow? they have stud like projections on the hooves same for racing.


Pics 23 40 68 92 109 111 132 133 137 and 143 are of particular interest fo folks here; but try...as for the racing ones...to learn and have some respect for the animals and the events. After all without the horses there would be no st moritz. Racing celebrated its 100th anniversary there this year, and the Brits still go down the Cresta run in cricket pads gloves and corduroys; very traditional. St moritz can be a friendly place where class has no meaning....unless of course you want it to have by having a chip on the shoulder and a slight contempt for the mix of cultures that create it. As far as the horse events are concerned, the people who make no effort to enjoy the spectacle and find out about the protagonists are unlikely to be able to "fit" in.


Its the same as I say about hunting. if you don't respect it well you aren't ever going to be invited to a ball where the ladies most likely to wear fur let their hair down are you?


So enjoy the slideshow here and marvel at the spectacle of horses on snow.

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Certainly atWhite Turf that is the case. The polo is in january and the racing in feb. But on the last day. of the approx fifteen thousand crowd, I would say half are women and of those half at least three quarters are in furs or coats with fur trims.

I have never seen so many sables in my life, and as one of the other den memebers i met there commented (as he too ran out of gig space on his two cards) "shit I must delete some pics...aha that's just a mink delete."


I would estimate at last 600 sables; a thousand full minks, around three hundred foxes, and about 1000 sheared furs. Around 100 lynx, the same mouton, and then around two thousand cuffs collars and trimmed jackets and coats.


The polo would have less people; but usually a higher concentration of sables. Howver white turf is certainly growing in popularity for sables.


Things like this are everywhere you look:




Read this:



and this:



or this:




I keep saying it but if you are really serious about fur this is social MUST DO.


Any doubts your wife may have about wearing fur will be replaced by absolute insistence on getting MORE opulent ones!

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More fur shots including one of the trainers in fur and a nice lynx too:




also a search for fourrure comes up with previously unseen images on this site. Some nice ones, including a couple from st moritz:




this is sealskin and silver fox I think:



This is a nice unexplored resouurce actually. Some lovely aboriginal shots like this of one of the people who told us what to do about our Blair hunting problem:



There are some nice shots of Yakuts and Cree too.


And then some classic shots;




and even a nice smoking in fur:



After page 8 its all pics of animals; but nevertheless worth a look through if you like wildlife.

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Thank you so much for posting these links Touch of Sable. My favourite has to be...and not necessarily due to the types of furs, but rather the shere numbers...is the close-up broad crowd shot in the stands. Only thing that would have made it any better would have been to have more gentlemen in furs as well...of course.

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Full length fur I would say only around 40. hundreds with parkas, hoods, mink lined leathers etc.

They tend to be coyote or wolf. Mine is black fox and I sa w one other guy in Black fox too.

But hey its nice to stand out from the other guys no?

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I think it is possible to look really quite "hard" in fur. Masculine.


Also, it can embrace a feminine side. This can faintly disturb some men...because they secretly find themselves attracted to it.


But wahtever, st moritz has the most extraordinary society of eccentrics from all over the planet; it is also a celebration of individuality and freedom of expression. You only have to look at the brits going down the Crest Run with football socks corduroys and cricket gloves and tweed to see that. You could see a Sami with his skijoring reindeer or a Yakut with his finest furs to promote. You may see a guy who look like sherlock holmes deerstalking in the forest and you will have to rub your eyes to see if he is real. You may see swiss mountain men and mongolian tribesmen. Men in extraveganet furs and russian beauty queens in long furs on horses. You may see gamorous Americans and Argentinain gauchos. French artists and Hungarian pop stars. All is possible. Wearing a sable is not a problem!


It is a place where the snowboarding drone global youth will feel out of place and no one else!

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