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Socialism: the enemy of fur and conservation

Guest touchofsable

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What an unholy alliance.


Okay it was bad enough global corporation buggering about in Venezueala and if they had played fair they wouldnt have this evil now.


Maybe if thatcher had palyed fair we wouldnt have the evil of the Dictator of London Red Ken Livingstone.


There used to be a small and valuable naive fur trade in vemezuela.


Then came the socialist scum:




And if that wasn't bad enough look now:




Quote from:




During his visit, Chavez said that staff from London City Hall had been helping Caracas deal with traffic problems, and in return, Venezuela could possibly provide the poor of London with cheap heating oil during the winter.


Yeah thats right; tax a few 4x4s and f*** the native people and the animals for cheap fuel and heat for londons poor by the unethical expansion of venezuela's oil industry.


NO. Make a travel card

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I have thought since I viewed the film The Day After Tomorrow, where many people freeze to death in a new Ice Age, that my...as well as all our furs...would suddenly be in very high demand. I for one am NOT sharing with any PETAphiles...period.

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Now there is a wonderful thought Lynxette. A society collapsed, where the most important asset is not gold or money etc but fur and animals.


Eventually the oil runs out; if we dont destroy the planet first. We could well see a new ice age as the polar ice caps melt and cool the northern oceans.


One thing for sure we cannot justify destroying the planet just to keep the proles warm and nannied.

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Yes, that is why if you recall, I enjoyed your thread about being snowed in so much. Sort of got me to thinking once again along these very lines.

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