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Celebration i Oslo


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The norwegian King Harald is 70 years today. Big celebration today in Oslo and rest of the week.

Norwegian queen in a nice sable





You can see four picture of the queen here.



Nice mink of a guest




Have been wathing the news on TV when I came home from work today.

There were lots of women in mink and a big silverfox coat I saw.

Should have been there with my camera.

Have been a cold day here today

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Thank God for the people of the North.


The Norwegians Danes Inuit Evenk Cree Dene Yakut Sami Russians Icelandic Alaskans Aleut etc etc etc.


What have all these people in common? They wear fur they sell fur they hunt they have wilderness they dont destroy it .


END OF story.





This year Balir's filthy government summoned the Icelandic ambassador to explain their stance on whale hunting. Today it was announced that the British will build wave machines off the north of scotland. Anyone know what wave machine turbines do to marine mammal sonar? This on top of the dead zones in the North Sea.


Filth and hypocrisy.


One day moder civilisation will pay for waht it has done in less than 30 years in its quest for "alternatives" to animals and its wanton destruction and consumption of non renewable resources as a result.


Rip your heating out and don your furs.

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Her can you read and see picture from the celebration today.




You can see a racoon coat too and of course the queen

Norwegian video:



Have seen more on the news today. I have seen tree bluefox,

a couple of racoon and a sable coat.

I should have been there in my sable coat too.

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Being the staunch monarchist that I am, I would very much like to wish the King of Norway a very happy 70th birthday, and many more to come as well.

Oh yes, and the Queen looks absolutely marvelous in the sable.

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lynxette, good thing there aren't more canadians on this forum, or else your simple comment on bein a monarchist would probably have sparked immense arguments about what's wrong with our ties to the crown and so on and so forth...

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Well that is the king of Norway that Lynxette is referring to; not reknowned for its colonial/imperialist ties with Canada!


And as far as the British monarchy is concerned, the Cree etc have strong ties with them. The Cree still call Queen Victoria grandmother.


I would think they would far prefer the hunting british royals to president blair and his cronies who have threatened legislation against cree fur. And as far as constitutional law goes, surely a token Royal head of state is better than a very real obnoxious president from the UK? I mean, imagine Blair on your stamps!


Of course, the anti commonwealth, complete cutting of ties argument is another issue; however not one which need be anti our royal family as such.

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Well, stepping way out on the limb here, but I am absolutely in favour of the ties between Canada and the United Kingdom, both historic, present, and hopefully future as well. I guess one could call me a monarchist and an imperialist in that order of things, but one of my favourite posessions is my old wall map of the world painted pinkish red.

I do humbly apologise if this causes undue consternation amongst some members here.

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I am proud to be connected with Canada and deeply ashamed of my governemnts stance against Canadian trapped fur; ironic when Canada has such a fabulous conservation record.


I am in favour of closer ties between our nations and glad to hear that you are too Lynxette.

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Thank you Touch of Sable. I am proud to be who I am, and one of the things I appreciate the most is the British ties, particularly the monarchy. After all, it was two of our past Governor's General that donated both our football...Lord Grey, and our cherished hockey...Lord Stanley cups.

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This weekend are there many of the royal family from all over Europe

in Oslo to celebrate the birthday.

Today they came to Norway. You can see the queen Silvia of Sweden

in a beautiful white fox.



This evening there have been a consert



If you go to the top and push on Neste ( Next) you will find

some nice fur.



Prince Henrik of Denmark in a beaver or mink coat I think.


Too bad his wife Queen Margrethe is sick and are home in Denmark. She have a nice silverfox I know.

Here can you see tree more picture of him


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Good work with the links


I came home yesterday from a business trip to Oslo. There where a lot of furs to see in the streets. It warms my heart in more than one way

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Thanks for all the links!


You can see the queen Silvia of Sweden

in a beautiful white fox.


She should buy a new fox fur, she's had that one for ages now! It's nice, but I think it has seen better days. Go for silver fox Silvia, I think that would look great!


Nice to see princess Madeleine with a nice crystal fox trim, but soon it's time for her to go for a full fur! I also really liked Mary's rabbit (?) jacket, she's gorgeous!


I can't say that I'm that fond of the European royal houses, but they're sure good for seeing some nice furs in winter time.


Edit by White Fox: The white fox link above is very slow loading and I would not advise anyone on slow speed to try to load it. Also, even with a new computer I could not bring in more than a thumb nail. I am not sure what programs are required to view it.

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