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You know Worker, I have never been much on photography, but my fur bears have seen your work, and they are just begging me to make them photo celebs now too. Very cute pic.

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Our Bears have been known to play with my scanner.




You don't have a digital camera? You can pick up a 4 megapixel one for $120.




If you look around on that site you can pick up an "El-Cheapo" model for under $50. Buyer beware on those cheapos, though!


If you want a decent camera, you should expect to pay $200-$250. It's worth it. A camera is something you want to keep around for a relatively long time. You want one that's going to have the quality and features you want and is going to last for a at least a few years. Spend a few extra $$ now to get a camera you won't have to replace in six months.


But if you don't want a digi-cam you can go to Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart and get a disposable film camera. Most film developers have the option to scan your photos onto a CD-ROM for you. It's usually only a few bucks more.


Get yourself a consumer version of Photoshop ($100 or less) and you're ready to go into business! If you don't want to buy photoshop there are plenty of free/shareware applications like GIMP.


There are so many options for digital photography! You supply the creativity. Your computer does the rest!

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