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That was a very nice post J Galanos. I am so happy to hear that you are wearing and enjoying your furs...especially your silver fox. I have several in my collection as well, two of which were also custom designed and ordered.

As to having too many furs, I simply do not think that is possible any longer. Quite soon I shall have to add on to my home to continue to expand my collection...and I will do both I assure you.

There is nothing wrong with having a passion, and the only reason to stop is if you are in some way hurting yourself or others...ie fiscal responsibility perhaps. Otherwise, what difference does it make? Buy and enjoy.

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i'm with lynxette on the idea of you can't have too many furs, just find a way to store them properly. my dad has given me three garment racks that he has trash picked from closing stores. they are great and make it look like a little showroom. i know he has a few more, as he gets these things in hopes of somehow making money on them... so pm me if anyone is interested. mind you, they are not new, need cleaning, and in some cases a bit of sanding and repainting with metallic paint - but for mine i alcohol them off and if need be put something under the wheels to keep them off the carpet (wax paper at the moment). so you can find room to put your growing colleciton, it's just a matter of creativity.


and please come to my town and wear your furs proudly! i've only seen about four or five sightings in dayton, ever. and that may be a high count. more men in furs on the street would be a delight and a good positive role model.



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I love seeing a man in fur but sadly it is a rare sight here in the UK.


I think you can never have enough furs, well I know I certainly havent got enough!!!


Fran x

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J Galanos wrote

what I was hoping to begin was a thread where other Fur Fiends could wax poetic about their favorite furs.


Thanks for the invitation. There's plenty of poetry in fur. But plenty of people are scared of poetry because if it's worth its while, poetry digs deep at truths that many find threatening. I'm not here to be popular. I'm here to be myself, and as I see things, real poetry about fur will be a challenge to people whether their passion about fur is attraction or repulsion. In my eyes fur is that ambiguous and complex.


My favorite fur is red fox. Not that I'm any connoiseur. I've felt very few fox furs, let alone red fox. What fascinates me about red fox is the combination of color and texture. I don't pretend the following lines, thrown together in honor of the thread you started, actually succeed at what I wrote about poetry worth its while but they're a start. They're lines about a photo of a woman in a red fox coat--though I prefer to keep to myself which photo.


That excited state

Between wood and charcoal or

Magma and basalt


Surprised by a fur? All the time, every time. I'm amazed at how they insulate yet breathe. I have a nutria jacket from a thrift store that I think the pricers deemed faux and priced accordingly. It looks demi porcupine, and stroke it most ways and mostly what you feel is whiskery bristly guard hairs. But there's a magic direction to stroke it where it screams real downy delight.


Enough fur? For me there absolutely HAS to be. I spend way too many of my limited hours to live in exchange for money. If I can never buy enough fur, I turn fur into a reason for me to accept wage slavery. That's not a healthy relationship to an employer or money. I don't see possession of fur or consumption of fur as the purpose of my life. It may be something that adds something tremendous to my life. But I don't believe that a quest for always more will fulfill a meaningful destiny for my life. For me I take something in fur. I take animals' lives. I take the attention of those who act as my agents killing the animals and processing their skins. I take the resources required for me to earn the money to buy them. Taking can be fulfilling to a point. I take in energy and nutrition in food. But there's a limit to how much taking will fuflfill me. Eventually if I spend my energy to take in more stuff, that gets in the way of activities that really give a purpose to my moments: giving back. I want freedom to give back the way my heart leads, not having to depend on that activity being one that someone'll pay me to do. But if I'm so busy paying for more furs, that moment of freedom will be that much delayed.


I don't mean this as the way I think everyone else SHOULD think. It's the way I see it. Currently I'm content with the three fur items I found at thrift stores for less than 100 dollars. I believe I'm lucky not to have to find a more expensive apartment so I have room for more furs. Because I've been seeking my point of fulfillment when it comes to spending my money (not just on furs, mind you), I am accumulating net financial worth. As I continue to set aside money I haven't required to take things in, I'm inching closer to the day when I can give back without having to worry about coming up with more money.


Thanks so much for sharing what matters to you here, and by all means; I'm another fur lover, a peer here. If what I'm sharing here sounds like b#@$s*&@ to you let it go. It's not as if god said it!



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more men in furs on the street would be a delight and a good positive role model.

Miss Theresa, very well stated indeed. I have racks as well from my furrier that were surplus, and they do make my closets look like the real thing so to say.

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