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Dorian, some lovely pictures in there, and in your previous batch as well. I particularly like the one of Courtney Cox in a stunning chinchilla cost. Keep them coming!


And Tryxie as well - loads of beautiful photos - thank you for your efforts!

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It is a fake.


The coat sleeves show a dress cuff at her wrist. Beleive me the dress she is wearing does not have sleeves. Also look at the way the fur interacts with the dress down the front, basically it doesn't. It's hard edged, its a cut and paste from another image.

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Sometimes these images are done so well that one can hardly tell they have been altered. For me it is abit of a disappointment when I see a celebrity in a fur coat and think "wow s/he wears furs!", only to find out later that it was all a mirage.

This is not at all to say that I think it is wrong to make such pictures...I have many in my collection and enjoy seeing celebs in furs that I otherwise wouldn't, but perhaps they should always be identified as such?

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I posted one a while back that is fantastic.


I spent some time getting the color balance correct from its didital travels.


The 'owner', a member here, contacted me and said he had made it, He was OK with my posting it.


I'll pull it into the Composite Album soon with proper labeling. I'll bet no one can tell. As good as Tweety is this is totally realistic.



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