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Gallery uploading requests

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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The gallery is growing rapidly now so the 'old' ways of "anything goes" needs to be readdressed.


First request has to do with 'look alike pictures' and duplicates.



Now, as a consequence of the HUGE number of photos we now have in our gallery, we're going to start having to be just a LITTLE BIT more choosy. We're going to have to start looking a little bit more closely at near-duplicate pictures.


If there are two pictures where the model is in the same position but the shot is only slightly different, we're going to classify that as a duplicate. Let me give some examples, if I may.


Let's assume you have a series of pictures thus:


1.Model standing -- Facing full-front.

2.Model standing -- Facing quarter-left.

3.Model standing -- Facing quarter-right.

4.Model standing -- Facing rear.


I would consider those all to be fine. But, let's consider these:


1.Model standing -- Front w/ hands at lapels.

2.Model standing -- Front w/ arms crossed.

3.Model standing -- Front w/ left arm at side & right hand at lapel.

4.Model standing -- Front w/ right arm at side & left hand at lapel.


Picture #1 would be considered a duplicate of #2.

Picture #3 would be considered a duplicate of #4.


But Picture #2 would NOT be considered a duplicate of #3.

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Sounds to me to be both realistic and reasonable OFF. It must be quite difficult to comb through all those pics to make sure of exactly what we have and do not have in the various areas of the gallery...a task I do not envy tose of you who work so hard to accomplish it. It will certainly be a bit easier if we all chip in using the suggestions above.

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yes i think the den gallery can pride itslef on its lack of duplication. The "other" place is a nightmare to trowel through as it has so much duplication.

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I agree about the duplication. I try very hard to only post new material. That's why I pretty much stick to vintage pics -- not gone over as much.


OFF's other point is good too. I for one would welcome a tutorial on photoshoping. The more help we all can get and the more info we can share the better.


A related story: On (as TOS calls it) that other site, a guy copied one of my pictures and then, with no changes or modifications (neither of which I mind by the way) published it back in the very same gallery! I asked him why and what's the point? He said, "because he liked it." I guess that's a complement, but go figure.




PS. If anyone wants to download anything I post for use on their own site, be my guest as long as you do not charge for it.

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