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There are some really great pics in the gallery at the moment, many of which I haven,t seen before.


Thanks MrC, Dorian leapards Tryxie and all - so many new ones!


Particularly like 1805043.jpg - love that look amd pose

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I have a question for you furmaster.


Does your model (or models) pose at your bidding?

Does she pose at her own will?

Does the truth lie somewhere in between?


Or are you just going to leave that up to our imaginations?

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Well of course it is the best fur site on the world wide web...not that we are all a little biased in that regard right? Great people, good conversation, and wonderful furs...who could ask for anything more, other than to have it in real time eh?

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Hello Worker 11811,


If you want to chat with me about my feelings or the feelings of my fur slaves I'll be your man on the yahoo messenger.


Two things to say we all do it for plessure and my slaves are the boss!


Soft regards,


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