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Information for all members on protection against viruses

White Fox

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Folks, we have had little bit of troll activity here lately. We indeed removed 4 of them this morning. We now have a large and popular web site and that is an instant give away for these people to come here so it is likely that we will have these people come from time to time. I just wanted to give you some ideas on how to spot them to protect yourself. Our staff do everything possible to keep them away and do a fantastic job of it. But, they just cannot be everywhere all of the time. So, please consider the following.


  • #1. A troll will generally give him/herself away in the post title. If you see a post title suggesting XXX activity consider it as a likely troll. For instance the titles will generally read something like "Jennifer Lopez does a well hung guy", or "Lopez does throat job". Titles like this are almost 100 % troll activity and the majority will put a virus on your computer if you click them.
    #2. Many of these people give themselves away in their user name. If their name or email suggests XXX avoid them. For instance today, one called himself "Jokedick".
    #3. Many times these people use a name beginning with the letter A, and have a name looking very German or Dutch. Please realize that I am not saying there is anything wrong with German or Dutch names! I am just saying that is is common activity among trolls.
    #4. Often emails from these people give them away. If you suspect it might be a troll, look at their email. If it does not look "Normal", just avoid opening the message until we can check them out for you. An example of a typical such email would be "aedbk4h3kl0.com". Never under any circumstances email them if you suspect that they might be a troll!
    #5. If you see 4 or 5 posts all at once from a new member be careful. Sometimes new members post a lot of messages at once and we have nothing against that. But, if you see a number of new posts from a new member please just wait a few hours before opening them so we can check things out for you.
    #6. We encourage new members here and always welcome them as you have seen. However, just keep an eye out for posts by new members, and if you see one just keep the info above in mind.


We want you to have a great time in the Den. Our staff are like blood hounds at finding these people and removing them as soon as possible. In fact it amazes me at how quickly they can do it. But they only have limited amounts of time on the site, so you need to help them out but keeping a close watch as well to protect yourself.


Thanks everyone. Again, we hope that you have a fantastic time here and we will do everything we can to make this possible.


White Fox

Administrator for the Fur Den

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