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Bad News!! VERY BAD NEWS!!

Guest Bernadette

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I was looking for cookies, and I heard people talking in whispers. I had to press my ear to the door really hard to hear though. I didn't get everything but words like Tryxie, full Moderator, Training over, Loaded for Bear, was enough. I'm gonna have to watch out for my fuzzy butt. It's not open season on bears is it?


I don't care though, they left the kitchen unguarded. Now I'm loaded with doughuts. Hehehehehehe


Watch out ToS I'm coming for your ankles, maybe even give your leg a bad suck.

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I think Tryxie Trash becoming a full fledged Mod as opposed to trainee, (which is what Bearnadette was trying to tell us) is highly news worthy and does deserve its place on the main page which is the fur den.


Congratulations Tryxie Trash. The shackles are off, unleash the rotweiler of war - Now let the fur fly!!

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