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Lucky me!


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Dear Lynxette,

I`m sorry for you that no Valentine was waiting for you. But I hope that although you had a nice Valentine-Day ?!


Lots of regards, Dorian.

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I would love to be your valentine earendil...our coats would even sort of match.

And yes Dorian, I did have a nice Valentine's Day. Got quite a bit of work done, and wore furs whilst doing it. Nice combination I think for any day of the year one can make that happen, wouldn't you agree?

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I`m absolutely agree with you, lynxette. And it should not happen only on a day like Valentine, it should happen more often during the year. A man and a woman all dressed in a nice and soft furcoats and then enjoyimg each other.... mmmhhhhh. Nice imagination, don`t you think?


Soft regards, Dorian.

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