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Gabriella's Fur Den

Mr Barguzin

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What a bunch of crap.


Nobody in their right mind would compare a dog to a mink or fox. One is your friend, and he is an ally in the hunt.


And dog fur is rubbish anyway.


She has problems in her head and she is trying to justify making a buck out of something she doesnt approve, or she is trying to provide a marketing advantage.


Anyway I see the bible quotes and for me that means she's nuts.


No disrespect, but I am pretty sure you shouldnt use religion to justify your actions....or sell your product ,and its full of holier than thou sentiment.


Bin it or someone email her to get with the programme or butt out.

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I agree, the site is a bunch of junk. She goes on and on about how she doesn't sell new fur and then the first piece in the men's section is a "new mink" coat (which is a piece of garbage anyway). The religious lines after each entry just send chills through me, telling me that I wouldn't do business with her.


I would consider this a plug in the plug-free zone, Mr. B.


The boys from Tsarevich


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