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Vintage Fur Images in the Gallery

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For those interested in vintage fur pictures:


We now have a new category in the gallery JUST FOR YOU! 8)


>> The Vintage Fur Image Album <<


(You must be logged in to the gallery to have access to this link.)


Thanks to the efforts of Fur Den members, MrC1946 and PokerAce and several others we have more than 200 vintage fashion and advertisement photos for you to look at!


If you have vintage fur images that you would like to add to this new album, now would be a great time to upload them!


Please remember to add the word "Vintage" to the comment section when you upload so that we can sort them to the correct place.


And if you know anything about the photo or the model, etc, adding that would be good too. Just type it into the comment box... "Advertisement Circa 19xx" or something to that effect.


Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

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I love vintage pics, especially of a ll the huge foxes back in the thirties and forties. I just wish that the fifties would have consisted of a bit more than just mainly mink...beautiful though many are.

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