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On behalf of all the mods, well... everyone here in the Den, it is my pleasure and honor to nominate AK Coyote to The Fur Den Hall of Fame!


AK has spent many, many hours applying his computer wizardry to bring about our wonderful home in cyberspace. Without his contributions, I doubt the Fur Den would exist in its current form, if at all. Hard to believe that it was just one year ago that he was putting the finishing touches on what you see before you. It's even harder to believe that in a few short weeks he'll 'give birth' to a newer, improved, faster and even more feature-packed Den.


AK, on behalf of FrBrGr, the admins, the mods, our members and guests, thank you so much for everything you've done here!



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Here!! Here!!


The timing of this nomination is perfect!! It is almost one year and AK has almost completed moving us to our new site.


AK, you have gone beyond what anyone could have expected of you. And, you did it without most even knowing, ..and almost no recognition.


This site is FrBrGr's dream, and thanks to you, it is a reality. Yes, there were others that played a major role, but it was your dedication and skills that made it happen.


White Fox said once, and I agree, "Yes, there are many that work hard here, and make a major difference; but, without AK we would disappear!"


" title="Applause" /> What you have accomplished with a one year's time frame is absolutely amazing! " title="Applause" />


We will always be in your debt!


From one of your loyal mod's and a great admirer!



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Wow. Everyone has said it before me.


Folks, pretty much everything you see here is here because of the work of AK. Indeed he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame here!


Thanks AK for all you have done here.



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Thank you all.


This started as my desire to assist FrBrGr in setting up a website for the Fur Den forum that would be more stable and not down as often as Melody. Although there were early plans for preserving the posts from the Den at Melody and setting up an image gallery, I never dreamed that FrBrGr and White Fox would con me into creating a website that would grow so large so fast. I also did not expect this

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A large dynamic website like this can severely interfere with one's ability to have enough time to have a life and accomplish what really needs to be done.


We appreciate that sacrifice more than you could imagine.


I'm continuously amazed at how fast and seamlessly you can implement changes.


Thanks once again.

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Sometimes I wonder if AK feels like he gets the respect he deserves.


He does a whole lot of work around her and it seems like few people recognize that. So, if I have made it seem like I don't notice, let me put those ideas to rest!


AK kicks A$$ and takes names!

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AKcoyote, it is because of the knowledge and efforts of people such as yourself that the rest of us have a fur den to go to...I cannot say it any simpler than that, and that the nomination is certainly well deserved.

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