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For all the Ladies of The Den


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Thanks girls for making the Den such fun - happy Valentines


I know there are many, but some require special mention

Linda, Lynxette, Miss Theresa, Fur Babe, Velvet Tigress, Maribeth, Fran in fur, foxy lady, and all the others, too many to name, but definately not left out.


Have I left anyone out?....... No i don't think so. .....Just a minute.....Oh yes of course!!


the indomitable, wondrous, amazing, tongue lashing,(and somewhat tasty)..our newest mod....Tryxie Trash


Happy Valentines to you all - accept this bunch of roses with gratitude from the guys.


(Ok guys, I know... I didnt consult with you on this, but just go along with it OK?)


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Ravens you had me on that one. I was trying to figure out what that Avatar was!


Indeed Happy Valentines Day to all of our Gals. Indeed, to everyone on site.


Hope that you all have a wonderful day!



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May your valentines day be special; lots of hugs in mink and fox. Ladies indeed we will all be thinking about you today and honoured that the finest best dressed ladies are our friends. Have a great day and if you haven't anyone special remember those of us who appreciate you , and wrap yourself in your furs with a smile and let their energy love you.

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JANEY!! Oh my god Janey! How could I forget you in my list of speciel mentions. I'm so sorry!! - you're in there of course, never forgotten.


The roses have unfortunately wilted (only last a day under the heat in here!), so they're gone. But they were of course for you as well

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Yeah, I'll play along, Ravens8. Thanks for getting this started.


But really I didn't show up here in time to make it valentines.


I'm surely grateful it's not ALL men here, so thanks for being here Valentines or after!



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