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Guest Bernadette

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I know this should be in the Information Zone, but nobody goes in there and this is real important. I have to tell you about this cool thing I found here. I can send Private Messages to other bears and stuff it's totally neat.


At the top of the forums pages it says whether I have messages waiting to be collected, its just like a post man, only I can't bight this one. I always answer my messages 'cos I think if someone has taken the time to write to me, I really should read it and take the time to answer it. Specially if it's from a Moderator, 'cos they don

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Bernadette is exactly right folks. There is a private messaging system here and often new members do not pick up messages that we send. It is extremely important that you watch for messages there as mentioned! It is extremely simple to receive and post messages.


And Tryxie! What the Hel... - I mean What the Devil are you doing making a poor innocent tiny little bear do all of your hard work for you here!


Poor Bear.

Poor Bar.

Poo Ba.


Hey, now I know how the Lord High Executioner got his name! (The Artsy types here will understand that one!) I've no idea how in Richard Nixon's name that I come up with these things!



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Well, I can definitely say that my fur bears can spell better than my fur bunny...but that is probably due to the fact that bunny cannot speak up loudly enough whilst I am typing though. So it is not really her fault.

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Bears and bunnies aren't the best of friends, you know...


Since it's Vallentine's day, we Bears can tell you this.


Christmas is a big Teddy Bear holiday but so it is for all kinds of toys. It's not exclusively Bear territory... When is THE big Teddy Bear holiday??


Vallentine's Day! That's right! Vallentine's Day!

Just about every Teddy Bear in the stores fluffs up his or her fur in preparation for Vallentine's Day so they can find a nice human to take them home and give them hugs. Trust us folks, this is like the Superbowl for Bears!


Now, you can find lots of bunnies on the store shelves for Vallentine's Day. We don't mind sharing our holiday. Bears think, "The more the merrier!" A few months later, comes Easter. Yeah, that's a big bunny holiday, as well it SHOULD be... Y'Know... Easter bunny and all! We get it!


But go look in the stores and see how many Easter BEARS you can find! NONE!




We Bears are happy to share our big holiday with the bunnies but they don't share their holiday with US! They horn in on our big day but they don't let us play on Easter!


That's why bunnies make Teddy Bears mad!


We don't HATE bunnies, per se. Bears don't HATE very many things... (except brussels sprouts) But bunnies sure get our fur in a bunch when they don't share with us.


A certain few of us wouldn't be above pulling their ears when they weren't looking, though!

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Speaking of bears and bunnies...


A bear and a bunny are both pooping in the woods together. (Yeah, I know, unlikely, but this is a TRUE STORY)

The bear asks the bunny "Hey, bunny- do you have a problem with poop sticking to your fur?" The bunny replies, "Why no, Mr. Bear. Not at all!"


So the bear grabs the bunny and wipes his ass with him.

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