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Seven Grand!

Worker 11811

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In binary it is 1101101011000...

In hexadecimal it is 1B58...

In roman numerals it is MMMMMMM...


I'm talking about 7,000 pictures in the gallery!




Tonight I just finished checking in the latest batch of pictures and the total number of pix in the gallery came out to 7,020.


Since MrC1946 posted the last 64 of the pictures himeslf that means that he is the one who posted the 7,000th picture!


I don't know if there is a way to tell, after the fact, but it'd be neat if we could find out which one was picture #7,000. 8)


" title="Applause" /> NICE GOING Mr.C!! " title="Applause" />


Who is going to be the one to post the 8,000th picture?

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Indeed Worker this is fantastic indeed. I looked earlier tonight and we were still quite a bit away from it. It is hard to believe as maybe 45 days back or so we were at something like 5600 as I recall. And fur photos are not that easy to find!


The amazing part of this as well is that our mods crew have done such an amazing job of editing there that there are very, very few duplicates except for some on the two new web areas of Mr M and Fur Babe.


And then add to that the fact that we have had well over 326,000 views in the Gallery!


This is nothing but amazing folks and it is all of you who have done it. Thank You so very much!



White Fox

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And the truely great accomplishment is that our tireless workers in the gallery have made sure that they are the creme de la creme with no repeats...hey, sounds like a radio ad, but it is true.

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Well .. a few repeats and I know where they are but I'm not telling.


Maybe we should offer a prize to the person orpersons that can find them













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Here is an amazing statistic for you:


  • On Feb. 12, there were 7,000 pictures in the gallery.
  • Today, on Feb. 17 there are nearly 7,400! (7,398 - As of this post, to be exact.)


Do the math... Over a period of five days, we have gained 400 photographs...


That's an average of 80 pictures per day!


And, if things keep going at this rate, I calculate we will break the 8,000 mark on, or before, next Sunday!






Now, as a consequence of the HUGE number of photos we now have in our gallery, we're going to start having to be just a LITTLE BIT more choosy. We're going to have to start looking a little bit more closely at near-duplicate pictures.


If there are two pictures where the model is in the same position but the shot is only slightly different, we're going to classify that as a duplicate. Let me give some examples, if I may.


Let's assume you have a series of pictures thus:


  1. Model standing -- Facing full-front.
  2. Model standing -- Facing quarter-left.
  3. Model standing -- Facing quarter-right.
  4. Model standing -- Facing rear.


I would consider those all to be fine. But, lets consider these:


  1. Model standing -- Front w/ hands at lapels.
  2. Model standing -- Front w/ arms crossed.
  3. Model standing -- Front w/ left arm at side & right hand at lapel.
  4. Model standing -- Front w/ right arm at side & left hand at lapel.


Picture #1 would be considered a duplicate of #2.

Picture #3 would be considered a duplicate of #4.


BUT picture #2 would NOT be considered a duplicate of #3.


I want you guys and gals to know that we moderators spend a fair amount of time looking at and thinking about (and sometimes coveting) the pictures you post. There are times when we have to send e-mail back and forth to each other asking what we think about a certain picture or series of pictures. We do not take the job lightly and we do not just trash pictures because of our own personal tastes.


The ONLY exception to this would be "hardcore" pictures. Those just get deleted as a matter of policy. (Code of Conduct) But you might be surprised to know that even some of THOSE pictures are discussed before they are tossed!


I'm telling you all this because I don't want you to feel bad if one or two of the pictures you upload doesn't make the final cut. We're not censoring but we have to be just a little bit more choosy.


We've got QUANTITY... But we also want QUALITY too!


Thank you for your support!

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