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The Title-Alteration-Thread!


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Yes it's time for another E-stunt here at the Fur Den.


At other forums we've gotten a thread like this up to over 200 pages. Let's see how far we can go.




It starts off with someone saying a movie-title. The next poster alters the title of that movie into something furry/fluffy. And then states a new movie-title for the next poster to alter.


Example: The previous poster of this reply typed in "Batman Forever" as his/her "challenge" to the next poster.


The next poster replies with for example:


Batman Furever


And states a new title for the next poster again to have a go at:


Bad Boys II (Which will probably become Fur Boys II in the next reply )


And so on and so forth.


Since I started this thread, I'll make the first movie title (easy one;))! Good luck, and have fun!




Lord of The Rings

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Getting things back on track (probably), heres both...


2001: A Fox Odyssey


Sable of a Woman


And the next one:


Gone in 60 Seconds

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GAwd... have I become a gibbering monkey already?? or are some folks just glancing at latter posts and taking a stab??


READ THE FIRST POST FOLKS, or else we'll all go 'round the twist' (aussie humour there folks)


Sooooo we have:


From Dusk til Dawn ....................... Furred Dusk til dawn


Gone in 60 Seconds ......................... Come in 60 Seconds


Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory .................. Piotr Barguzin's Sable Factory *grin* (Ah nothing like the art of self promotion LOL)


and the NEXT title is....


The Great Race

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