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English student mistakes


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I cant vouch for these being true

Don't blame me! I'm just another messenger



Innocent English Mistakes

From New English Language Students


The Fur Trade

All over Europe people wanted more animal hair.

* * * * *

The Hudson Bay company was found in the

Canada woods.

* * * * *

Fur hunters catch furry animals, wash them,

and dry them, and then sell them for women

who wear them at fancy parties.

* * * * *

Many people in England wore beavers

and other big rodents like the French.

* * * * *

Most beavers and foxes died and went to Europe.

* * * * *

The new pioneer people ate most of the barffalo.

* * * * *

Fortunately, now most people have fake fur.

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Well, the last one is definitely not true, and the second is certainly debatable...at least on the point of the buffalo having been eaten. Many unfortunately were killed for their tongues and hides only. Where did you find these Raven...they are certainly not fur friendly.

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