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Nope it seems to be global, we are having "technical difficulties" I think.


I'm sure AK is tearing his hair out over it already.


Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible.




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The problem has been resolved.


I have been trying to get some new functions setup on our new server (where both the Gallery and Archive currently reside). Unknown to me at the time, GoDaddy's control panel added a section to the server's configuration parameters that completely stopped access to the Gallery and Archive. Fortunately, because the forums and chat have not been moved yet, they continued to work.

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I wonder if we would get the same panic from people if the forum side were down or a bit slow?

It is good to know however that the gallery is so well received and missed when not available. Kudos to those who make it such a great place.

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If the forums go down for more than 2-3 hours, other than a planned and announced outage, I get a bunch of "what happened?" emails. So the answer is yes, members do suffer withdrawal if any of the popular parts of the site go down.

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