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Guest Tryxie Trash

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Hi All


For those of you considering using our much under used chat facility may I please ask you not to be hasty and and let the room load. Sometime it takes a while to get you logged into the system. Please be patient, if there are members in there already you will be amply rewarded for waiting. It's always nice to met our membership.


We cover all sorts of topics, not just fur, but for those of you who want private rooms or individual chat it is available, so there in no need for anyone to feel left out.


Come on in and meet the crowd.



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Thanks Tryxie.

Indeed Tryxie is right here on this. Last night a few of us were chatting and two or three members came in to check and left again too quickly assuming that there was no one in there We were waiting to say "Hello" but you left too quickly, and as a result did not see us there.


We would love to talk to you. Please just have patience. This is a huge site, so it does take a few areas a bit of time to work properly.



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Yes, and it is a very friendly place as well. I found out last week when I received assistance getting in from a fellow denizen gentleman...and you know who you are.

And yes, the rumours are true...a moderator did not know how to use one of the basic facilities here in the Den. I am the guilty party, but it just goes to show what a truely helpful and friendly place this is for everyone...including those who actually should know better.

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