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Furry dust bin

Guest Kingtiger

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Here's one for you Lynxette


I was in Andorra the other day, a fleeting visit. There was no snow, but I'm not a skier anyway. But in a shop window was a mink shopping basket, one of those types on wheels that you fill up and tow behind you, with a handle. The whole thing in mink! Couldn't see the price. Guess it was one of those shops. "If you have to ask, you cant afford it"


Now I'm not suggesting for a moment Lynxette that you are one who needs to carry your shopping in a wheeled basket, but maybe for the future, for the girl who has everything. ( I suppose it also depends on how much shopping you do!!)

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Thank you so much for the heads up on that one Ravens8. I will have to look out for one of those on my upcoming trip. Not sure if I would use it for shopping...would be too worriedc about it being damaged I guess...but it would sure make a great conversation piece.

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