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Animal Rights scum Letter bombs

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The new couple may not be but the first ones are definitely.


That is the problem with cults like PETA etc. They believe they are justified in attacking human life in their quest to liberate animals. Unlike al quaeda, which is clearly an abominable ccorruption of the Koran's teachings, Animal Rights philosophy is rotten at the core. Simply, IF Animals do have rights, and we are exploiting them in their billions, then they ARE right in using extreme violence. And that is the problem. The answer? treat people suffering from this mental disease with appropriate psychological help. It is the whole notion of animals having rights that is sick.


Unless governments start taking action now, and the media stop treating PETA as though they are a worthy organisation, then this is going to create worldwide terror and war a few years down the line. They must be COMPLETELY wiped out through education, and tough laws. Someone who letter bombs commits arson or attacks people wearing fur should be treated as a terrorist. Giving in to them like the vile Blair government has done on fur farming and foxhunting has just given them more impetus.


Ingrid Newkirk and others who speak out in support of such acts should be treated as inciting terrorism and locked up. Furthermore, if cells of AR activists are found to have links to PETA they should be declared an illegal organisation.

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Animals do not have rights. Period. They are not human, and although they may be entitled to some level of compassion, they do not have rights.

I am of course totally opposed to any form of wanton gratuitous violence toward any animal, legitimate uses do not fall under this category.

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Quite right Lynxette well said.


When cheetah notice gazelle numbers low; they instictively hunt another quary. Humans naturally do the same. When caribou are low; hunt the wolf.


Animals have ONLY one right. To survive. And nature has eqipped us to survive...all of us, whatever animals we are...to prey as part of balance and the circle of life. The only difference between us and a cheetah is he already has fur. We BOTH not only have the right; but nature has DESIGNED US BOTH to prey on animals for BALANCE. The planets atmosphere depends on it. If nothing kills plant eaters then the planets atmosphere become poison. If nothing balances the secondary predators without inbuilt bio control (fox mink etc) then they eat all the wildllife. We ARE animals; nothing more. We have adapted; without fur or effective claw and ttoth we have llearned to fashion tools to killa nd skin. Two million years of natural evolution cannot be wrong. WE ARE PART OF THE NATRAL ECO SYSTEM AND WHAT NOW THREATENS THE PLANET IS THE FACT THAT WE THINK WE ARE ABOVE NATURE.

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Outstanding way of putting a sentiment I have been trying to state succinctly for quite a while now. May I quote you sir?

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A major part of your problem in the UK, if you don't mind me saying so, TOS, is that you don't have an encompassing written constitution. In the United States a law barring hunting or any form of farming would be torn to confetti by the Supreme Court. Both would violate at least three amendments a piece. To amend the constitution takes a 2/3rds majority. By the time you can get 2/3rds of Americans to agree to anything, sick puppies like PETA (as well as far right Bible thumpers) will have long since exposed themselves as the recepticles of equine manure that they all are.


Unfortunately in the meantime we are forced to hear their loud and often obscene bleating. The answer to that is to (within the rules of polite society -- remember we are the normal people) abuse them, ridicule them and tear their imbcelic causes apart publically at every opportunity.



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