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Throughout my travels amid all this fur weather, I have found myself repeatedly thinking back. All the way back, in fact, to the beginnings of how fur came to be implanted in my mind as such a powerful phenomenon. It was bound to happen at some point during my brief return to the land of so many "rememories", as I used to call them. Doing a random google search tonight, this was one of the articles I found that had me think back to the days when nearly every girl I knew owned a rabbit fur coat. Now, I grew up in the 70s and 80s, but it's just as easy for me to translate to the time period depicted in this little vignette. Forget your troubles, come on, get happy...




I shall post more on this topic soon.





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It goes without saying that all of us involved here at the den have ourown personal story of why and how furs became important to and for us. Many of them have been posted in the time since I have been a member, and they are always neat to read. I think this one, although not from a member per say, is really good at demonstrating how a seemingly small thing can and does form a lasting attachment for people. Thank you for sharing it Joe.

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Thanks, Joe - I really enjoyed reading that!


Kind of reminds me of the very first time I went out shopping for my first fur. I can remember the anticipation of going into the store and approaching the coats. They were all ladies' coats. I was no where near ready to go into a store and shop for a man's coat - ! I told the sales person that I was shopping for my girlfriend. I looked at just about all of them, enjoying the softness as I touched each one. I remember taking my final choice to the cashier and watching it being put into the box. I remember not being able to wait until I got home to take it out of the box and I remember stroking it as I nervously drove home. It was one of the longest trips ever! As exciting as all of that was, however, it was nothing compared to the anticipation of what was to come next, in the privacy of my home. Like the little girl in Joe's story, I remember feeling the smooth satin lining against my body as I tried it on for the first time. I remember looking at myself in the mirror after I had fastened it closed, and tightened the belt around my middle. I remember running my hands over the soft, white fur, and I remember pulling the shawl collar up around my face for the first time.


Ah, yes. Thanks for making me remember, Joe . . . !

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And thank you FrBrGr for sharing your story. I made the mistake of buying my first furs in May...so they went right into storage and I had to wait all summer in endless anticipation. LONGEST summer of my life I assure you, (and I hate summer to begin with ) and something never to be repeated. Now I have furs at home all year round...I keep the most recent additions as they do not need to be stored yet.


Lynxette, you're going to have to update your collection for us in the Den! For those of you who are new, you are not going to believe this woman's collection of furs! There are many fur salons which don't have as many furs, and I don't know of any fur salon anywhere that has the variety!



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