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Hello all.


I work as a PA / Meeter and greeter in a Main BMW dealership and last week a 50 year old guy came in to pick up his new 3 series. On it was to go his private plate from his previuos BMW.


** FUR


Now fur is nothing to do with his first and last names, and he is single (I asked) so maybe he is a fellow fur fan.


Just wondered if he was a member or a visitor here?

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If that person is a member and he/she wants to reveal himself or herself to you via e-mail or PM that is okay.


But please don't post the real identities of Fur Den members without their permission.


HOWEVER... If you just happen to mention the Fur Den to that person and they aren't already a member we would be glad to have them on board!


(Hint... Hint... )

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If you have the opportunity to speak with him, you may want to compliment him on his choice of a car annnd his choice of a license plate. You could innocently ask him if he is a furrier, or if he just loves fur. If he is a furrier, it is understandable that he would have FUR as his "vanity" plate. On the other hand, if he says , no - he just loves fur, imagine the opportunities that would present . . . (!)

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Hey, this brings me to the idea of another sort of survey question...how many members of the den have vanity plates in some way related to fur that they would be willing to share?

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