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It's a mathematical force, just like Moso said. It goes by various names like "Magician's Choice", "All Bases Covered" or "Bunko Force" but the principle is always the same.


You either limit the person's choice down to a few selections, for which you have all possibilities covered or you eliminate all other possibilities except you want the person to choose. Confusing circumstances or lots of bogus choices are often presented to keep the person from guessing the method.


What Moso said is true. You are being forced to choose a number that is a multiple of 9 by using a seemingly complex string of additions and subtractions. Do the trick again but, before you click the button to reveal the answer, look at the chart to see what other numbers are next to your symbol. They will ALL be next to a number that is a multiple of 9


Another way to test the theory is to pick two or three sets of nubers for the same round of the trick. Try the numbers 17, 42 and 66


  • 17 -- 1+7=8 -- 17-8=9.
  • 42 -- 4+2=6 -- 42-6=36.
  • 66 -- 6+6=12 -- 66-12=54.


All three answers are evenly divisible by 9.

All three answerw will have the same symbol next to them.


It's a cute trick. Isn't it?

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