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Anyone drive a hybrid?


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Right before the 4th of July weekend, I got the Subaru. It's fantastic, I actually prefer the handling (+ black leather interior) to that Audi A4! I opted for the non-turbo Diamond Grey Legacy Wagon for the gas mileage, and ended up averaging 31.3 mpg on the highway and around 24-26 in town. I actually find myself driving with a feather-foot and the mpg-gauge turned on...and she takes regular gas, too.


So now...anyone actually considering a plug-in hybrid? That might end up being my next car in 2010, that or a rebuilt diesel greaser!



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On a somewhat related note, Michelle Pfeiffer was on Letterman the other night and mentioned that she owned a (totally) electric car. After she moved to a new home in the country she said she didn't drive it for the first year or so because she kept getting lost and she feared she would become stranded and have to be towed because if she ran out of juice the only "refill" option was plugging it in at home! Hopefully the car companies are working on that. 8)

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The main problem with electric [incl. hybrid] is the source of the electricity.


More often than not it's oil/gas or nuclear sourced


So where is the ecology in that?


Efficiency and the recyclability of it all has to be at the source.


More efficient ways of "generating" electricity from geothermal, municipal waste gases [garbage], recyclables converted back into fuel and crude hydrogen conversions are the most practical and immediately attainable. We're squandering power in our garbage dumps and piles of plastics [incl. fake furs].


Wind power is a joke. The cost to generate due to the mechanisms and maintenance costs is a last option at best.


Photovoltaics MAY be worhwhile in the long run.


Greater efficiencies in our mechanisms [smaller engines/cars] and more efficient mechanisms [motors/engines] and in our spaces that require energy for their operations is one half the battle.


The more efficient our homes, business places and Municipalities the more energy we will SAVE. Hence less overall pollution. This is all possible through current design and technologies.


One little advertised saving that most Municipalities are doing now are LED Stoplights. They require 1/10th the power, last ten times longer, are brighter and safer. The City saves money big time on maintenance and electricity and we are all safer.


I could go on but this gets my thought out there.




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