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We could use a helper.

White Fox

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Members, as you know we have a links team who work on recording links and generally work on keeping our links area in good shape here.


up til now it has had three members. However, we are going to drop that to two as I think it will be easier. Since Wallee and Worker are both mods now, Kyle is left alone there. So we need someone to help him.


There are a couple of extra projects with this as well. These will not take a large amount of time at any time, but will involve a little bit of work over a longer period. If you would be interested in helping out FurKyle in this area, please let us know by replying here. This is a project that can I think really be a lot of fun to do. If you are interested please reply here and I will give you a quick outlay of the project.


Thanks all.

White Fox


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