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hi i just want to know what fur is more dense and softer

Guest Alexisfox

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i just want to know what kind of fox is more dense and softer bluefox, crystalfox, silverfox, whitefox, redfox, i just need to know because i recently bought a full length silverfox coat on ebay plus i need info on all those furs i listed i am doing research on furs. please pm me any fur experts thank you.

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Boy, this sort of question is always a tough one to answer, due to the fact that there are so many factors involved...personal preferences, condition of pelts, size of pelts, the way the garment is manufactured, etc. GENERALLY, blue fox is considered to be quite soft and dense, but is not necessarily as thick as crystal fox or silver fox due to the fact that the guard hairs are not as long. White fox is similar to blue, but usually with a bit longer guard hairs, so it could fall somewhere in the middle. Red fox TENDS to be a bit flatter, but still very soft, and a lot depends upon the size of the pelts. I have several red fox in my collection, and believe me they are all different...some are very long haired, others shorter...I would condiser all to be quite soft, but definitely not in the same way.

Smaller pelts tend to be not as thick and plush as larger ones, and it is a balancing act at the furrier as to using more smaller pelts...and possibly leathering in between, or fewer larger pelts with weight considerations.

Condition of the pelts is also part of the equation. I have seen red foxes that are much nicer than silver fox due to condition and construction, and also the opposite.

Then of course there is personal preference...some people just love blue fox and not silver, or vice versa, or both for their own uniqueness.

Your question is one that pops up every once in a while, and the answer is that there is no answer, or there are as many answers as there are people whom you sak.

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