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Tryxie can't do it!

White Fox

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I wanted something to get your attention. Did I succeed?

Folks, we need just over 200 photos to get to where we have 7,000 fur photos in our Gallery! Yes, that is right - 7000! Tryxie is posting quite a few ever day right now, but we cannot expect her to do it all. If you help her out, we can get there by one week from today.


Now then, we do want high quality photos. But if you have any entries for our Gallery we really hope that you will post them there so all of us can see them.


And, like I said. Tryxie cannot do it all!

(Remember that we post R photos in our Erotic area, but not X and XXX, and if photos have a Copyright symbol on them they are not allowed.)



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hi all

i have over 300,000. pic's. is there somewhere i could start sending them, so as someone could sort them. i would not want any of them to go to the wrong places or violate any den rules!

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There is only one album that you can post pictures to in the Gallery. It is called Sort. When you make your first post, you will be directed there automatically. You can specify when you post which album you would like a photo to go to.


Here are some "Rules" and "Ideas". Please see our FAQ as well as it has other info.


1. We try to restrict to high quality photos. If a photo is very dark, blurry, or almost no fur - a rug shot - just avoid posting it.


2. If you have three different shots of the same person from slightly different angles, pick the best and post it. Near duplicates just take up a lot of our precious room. It is limited. So post one of those only.


3. No X or XXX shots. (See our FAQ area for a definition of that.)


4. No Copyright shots. Please inspect for the word "Copyright or the small C symbol, or any other equal text.


Points 3 and 4 are very important. Not paying attention to this rule has a rather rough penalty. See our FAQ on that.


5. Try to avoid duplicates. We realize this is difficult and we try to work with you on it. But please avoid it when you know you have duplicates.


6. Place any information you wish to go with a photo in the description when you post it.


7. If a photo is not allowed, do not be hurt. Often it is just because it is a duplicate for instance.


8. Faux Fur Photos are not allowed.


9. Please keep the total numbers of shots in the sort forum to less than a hundred or so. If a photo mod comes there and suddenly sees three hundred or more photos there it is kind of discouraging for them. Much easier if it is less than 100 or so if possible. We are not saying 100 is the exact number. We are just saying "Use your judgement".


I think that is just about it. You might want to give a quick go through of the photos in our Gallery first as that will help you to remember some and avoid duplicates. However, again, we realize that this can happen.


Hope that helps. You just post them in the sort album and our mods take over from there. Looking forward to some great new shots from you!


White Fox

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If you just post a few at the start and give OFF a PM he will let you know if there are any problems and what to change if there are.




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I think point number 7 is especially important. I have not uploaded photos often...I guess due to the fact that I have yet to find an origional...but I did once and it was removed. It was a picture of a man in a wolf prka from fur rendezvous in Alaska taken during the parade on a car float. Sitting next to the man was a boy, maybe 8-10 years of age. It was removed due to any possible pedophile connection, which I totally accepted and understood. Actually I was a bit embarassed that this had not occured to me before I posted it...hey, I am still a young innocent myself.

Point is, the mods just have to remove things at times, so do not take it as a personal attack against yourself...it is just being done for the good of the den.

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