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I wanted to share an experience and some info with you.


I made my first trip to Milan in early December of last year for 3 days, but my god what a 3 days!! fur was every where I lost count of how many full length minks I saw. Foxes would have been about 2 dozen, Sable about a dozen, Chinchilla 4, fitch 3, racoon about 2 dozen and so on. I even followed a young lady around 20 into a furrier and watched her trying chinchilla on, heaven!


Anyway, drooling over. The real purpose of my post is to share some info on Italian Films. Whilst there I spent an afternoon DVD shopping and brought back aprox 15 with me. All are region 2 & in Italian and most feature fur, I intend listing each with a review of who wears what and for how long so you will hopefully be able to form an opinion if you wish to purchase, any feedback welcome of course. Most play on my region 1 set computer so if fellow denziens in The States wish to purchase them they will work.


I hope you find my first review of use.


Kind Regards




Film = Giovani, Belle Probabilmente Ricche


- available from www.noshamefilms.com cod.prod 20614. Year made 1982.


- This movie plays on my region 1 set computer.


- Rating is per tutti, for all, but I would say more a 15 rating as the are 2 or 3 barebreasted scenes in this Italian sex comedy.


- Stars Olinka the Marilyn Monroe look alike porn actress who unusually keeps her clothes & furs! on & Carmen Russo & Nadia Cassini all are looking lovely.


Fur Scenes



1) 1 minute 10 seconds featuring Olinka in a silver fox wrap and a sheared mink jacket.


2) As above 18 seconds.


3) As above 5 minutes 9 seconds.


3) 21 seconds bit part actress in a brown mink trimmed with brown fox 3/4 length coat.


4) 1 minute 15 seconds Olinka in a black mink cape trimmed with black fox.


5) 1 minute 9 seconds Olinka in a thick full length brown fox


5) 2 minutes 20 seconds Olinka in the black mink cape trimmed with black fox. This scene is shot in a park and also features several shots of hookers in poor quality fox furs.


5) 1 minute 5 seconds Olinka in a 3/4 length black mink coat.


6) 2 minutes 15 seconds Olinka in a a brown fox jacket & Nadia Cassini in a silver fox jacket.

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You know, what I think is neat is that you have the patience to browse through so many dvd's to find what you want or are interested in. There are many times that I wish I was more of a shopper in the traditional sense, but for me it consists of more knowing what I want before hand and going out to get it. That is where your reviews come in very handy...thank you

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Indeed I remember having spend some days in Rome between X-mas and New Year. Streets were full of furs. Italian ladies know how to wear them. An example to follow.


Strong recommendation for all fur lovers.


My wife feels a bit embarrassed when she wears her furs in places where no one else is in fur. Therefore she loves Italy where she can share her love for furs with hundreds of thinkalikes. It is a delight to see her enjoying her minks amongst all those elegant italian ladies



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