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Gallery Update

Guest Tryxie Trash

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The Fur Babe Collection is now available to view.


Also, if you know of a neglected fur appreciation web site with a gallery worth saving, or you are the owner of such a site, please get in touch with me via PM or email with a view to preserving these collections.


Does anyone have the URL for Fine Fashion Furs site I'd like to contact the owner.




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Folks, it is the worst kept secret on the net I am sure that the photos were coming or were already here for Fur Babe's and Mr M's site. You will be glad to know that very, very soon much of the text from those two sites will be available here as well. These will not be direct copies. But the important parts of the original text will be available here.


We owe some people a whole lot here for their help on this project. I hope you will folks will give them a big vote of thanks for their help on this.


First off, I want to thank both Carol and Mr M for allowing us to use this information on our site. In fact I want to thank them for posting it on the web in the first place! A huge vote of thanks to both of you here.


I also wanted to let you know that Tryxie did a lot of work with this project as well. Working with Carol for instance to figure out how to preserve these photos (Carol's original site had 110 albums and we just could not do that here!) Tryxie and Carol figured out how to slim things down and yet save all of the photos. Tryxie was also highly involved with Mr M's site as well.


Lastly I want to thank Worker, and if there is anyone else I have missed, please let me know. Worker was highly involved with the photos for Mr M's site as well as Tryxie.


I think that we all owe a huge vote of thanks to both BrbrGr and AKcoyote as well for allowing us to use this site for this. I do want to mention that this is probably the only time that we will be saving this much from any sites. It is just that these two sites were so different and had so much "Class" that we really figured that we could just not let them disappear into the "enternal depths of Damnation" of the web. Both sites will indeed still be available for awhile on their original space. But they will unfortunately not be there for long.


Also, I wanted to let you know that our target for the Den going off the air is 156 years, 4 days, and three hours from now. Until that time you will always be able to see the photos from these two sites and much of the text. BrGr has stated he still wants to keep going at that point, but AK and I have both decided that by then we will be past middle age and we want to look at some other projects.

Thanks again to all involved in this project.


You should see the text for the two sites here within a week.


White Fox

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Let me add my thanks to all involved - especially to Carol and Mr. Mockle for giving us permission to keep their wonderful sites 'alive' here. Then, to Tryxie, Worker, AK and White who really went above and beyond the

call to make this happen. Thank you everyone!



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