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The time of year has come, it is cold, it is February, time to go skiing! WOOO.

As well as my love of furs, I have a passion for the outdoors (I have combined the two with an understanding, then girlfriend, recomended to those who haven't!). The time of year has come for a pilgrimage to the Alps, Courchevel to be specific. Not only does it boast some of the best skiing in Europe with over 600kms of piste, it is also a hang out for the rich and sometimes famous. And the French don't seem to have the same hang ups as the British about wearing furs when it is cold, duh?!

I'm looking forward to the sights of beautifull women wearing furs as they should be worn, as much as the skiing!

A few years back, I saw possibly the best, many men's dreams. A beautifull women, mid 40's, shoulder length coiffured (sorry for spelling)hair, driving a red Corvet convertible, wearing black leather driving gloves, smoking a long slim cigarette, and wearing the most enormous white fox with a massive collar up!

My distrcription does not even get half way there, but I had to scrape my chin off the floor after wards. The car looked and sounded fantastic, the driver was elegant and sexy, and her fur was brilliant white under a crisp blue sky. Perfect, except she drove on by and unfortunatly didn't stop to pick me up! Oh well.

If I have any fab sightings next week, I shall let you all know, and I have a digi cam now so if I have the guts may even ask some for a pic...

999 xxx

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