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Another newbie


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Hi everyone,


Another newbie here posting for the first time. My story in a nut shell is that I've always loved furs (and soft sweaters), and love to see people (especially women) wearing them. I think they give the wearers a look of confidence, superiority and ultimate sexiness. I always thought I was some kind of wierdo- while all my friends wanted to see pics of nude women or women in bikinis, I wanted them fully clothed and wearing furs and sweaters! This site is wonderful for letting me know that I'm not alone. I look forward to joining in. Thanks to all who make the site possible.

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First off I want to give you a great big welcome to the Den here. It is always great to be able to welcome another brand new member here. We really hope that you love this little place as much as we do.


Also, I wanted to make sure that you go to our forum list and look down toward the bottom. You will see a forum called "Emergency Wool Fashion forum"! Those folks are without a site right now but hopefully will have a new one soon. If you have not see it yet be sure to go there. Your description proves to me that you will enjoy that forum also.


Hey, hope you have a great time here!


White Fox

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I always thought I was some kind of wierdo...


Abso-freakin-lutely NOT!!


There is a whole range of behaviors and preferences which may not be AS POPULAR with majority of people but they are by NO MEANS weird!


As long as:


1) You don't break any laws.


2) You don't hurt anybody else.


3) What goes on stays between consenting adults.


There is NOTHING wrong with loving fur!


In fact, I would venture to say that somebody who didn't get at least a LITTLE turned on by the thought of their sexual partner wearing a fur coat is the one who is the weird one!


I like to say that, on the continuum of behaviors, loving fur is "greater than one standard deviation from the mean". But that, in no way implies that you are a deviant! A little bit eccentric? Maybe. But, what would the world be like if we all love the same things?... BORING! That's what!


You know what? Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe people who love fur are more DISCRIMINATING than those who don't? You can see women in bikinis any old day! But women in furs?! There's something different!


Besides! Anybody who hasn't been "furred" is just missing out on one of the great pleasures of life!


Welcome to the Den!

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Welcome to the Den, humilme! You can be pretty much assured that you are not alone - many others share you're love and appreciation of furs and other things soft and fuzzy!


In a way I hate to disappoint you - you are not 'some kind of wierdo'! Frankly, your story of feeling alone in your enjoyment of furs is one that's shared by many of the people here at the Den - including me. Hopefully, you'll see that there are a bunch of great folks who love and enjoy fur as much as you do!



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I wanted them fully clothed and wearing furs and sweaters!


Sounds like you have a thing for sweaty women.


Just kidding. Welcome aboard. I hope you stick around and get to know us. You'll find we're all pretty much the same as you. We love women in furs or sweaters.

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Hello Humilme:

Welcome, and let me aslo definitely confirm that you are neither weird nor alone in the world. I hope you will find much of value here, and lookforward to hearing from you again soon. Oh, and some of us like men in furs too.

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Glad you've joined us. I can certainly identify with your past experiences. My beliefs that I was just too weird and had to somehow change myself led to all kinds of unhappy experiences for me and for others unlucky enough to have been in my life.


Admitting to the way I was and sharing with others who can more or less identify has brought me to a much happier place.


Best wishes and may we each find what in our hearts we most desire!



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Let me tell you of the many years I felt this/that way x 10


It's not a thing to take lightly. The earlier you can resolve the feelings the better off you'll be.













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Welcome humilme from another new guy who shared your feeling of "am I the only one who feels like this and am I wierd"? I totallly understand and agree with what the others above have said.


Come on in and explore and resolve any feelings. Talk about them here.

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If you love women in furs,this is the place to be.No other forum can match this one.

So,I also wish you a happy time here at The Den.

Greatings from Belgium.

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