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More reports from the front: OIL VERSUS FUR

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"The big oil corporations say they can drill there without harming the land or the wildlife," says Joe Linklater, chief of the Canadian village of Old Crow. "Well, that's like our tribe telling Americans to trust us with an experiment that may end up taking away all their cars.


"We didn't ask for this fight," Linklater adds. "This is about our survival as a people."


The Gwitchin effort to safeguard their caribou-based culture isn't new. Their fight began back in 1988, when worried tribe members from Canada and the United States (the American tribe spells its name "Gwich'in") gathered for the first time in generations at Arctic Village, Alaska, to coordinate a common defense against both the global oil industry and the most powerful government on the planet.



Sick that westerners can be anti fur no?


Also this report of waht is happening to aboriginal communities because their fur trade is being destroyed:




Nothing to do


Often, coastal residents say they are bored. There

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Yes, this is a very big debate at the moment, both in Canada and Alaska, with proponents on both sides of the issue. Rather sad and ironic in a way...such a delicate balance between two opposing forces, faux vs. real and their component parts.

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