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Kate Moss in Fur


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I expect that will get a few peoples attention! I'm not misleading you tho...


Did any one else see, in The Daily Star Sunday on Jan 28th (Sun just gone), on page 16, top left, a short article and pic about Kate Moss wearing a real fur (again!)?


I've tried to acess their site to post a link, but all back copies require a subscription, but here is what they had to say;


'Is Kate Moss wearing a real fur coat? This was the clamour among the women in the office. I could not care less. Here she is in a hairy hoodie having just had her nails done. The question is: did small animals die to keep her warm? Maybe. But nurses aren't paid enough, education is going to poo, and journalists are being jailed while paedophiles walk free. The fur issue is not top of the Things To Sort Out list.'


Although the reporting style is not exactly what you get in The Times, it makes a good point in a National newspaper that the masses will read. And the picture is a waist up shot of Kate in a hooded (hood up) coyote I think, her looking down to avoid the pap's I assume and holding her coat closed with her right hand.


If anyone else can figure out how to post a link, please do 'cos can't!

999 xxx

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Kind of an on again off again on again story isn't it? Does she or doesn't she, etc. Personally I prefer everyone to be in some type of fur...or so I have been told by friends ...so I am of course in complete favour of Kate in coyote, and would love to see pics thereof.

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Typical of the Daily S ; "The fur issue is not top of the Things To Sort Out list."


Their is nothing to sort out, just wear and be proud, ahh but are they trying to stir the pot again - typical of this appauling rag - useful only in the WC!



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