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Saving the Fur Stories

White Fox

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As you know, Fur Babe's site is soon to disappear. It will be with very tear filled eyes that we see it go! That has been a very classy site for a very long time.


Many of you have fur stories there. I have contacted the people at the French site and asked if they would be interested in saving your stories so that they would stay on the air. They have replied that they would indeed like to do that and that they will try to do it within the next week or two. They will contact me when they have completed this. As you know, the photos and some of the text from the rest of the site will be available still for you to see here. I will also place a link to their site in our Library where Carol's site will be located.


First off I would like to thank the folks there for all that they have done to save these stories. You will find a direct link to their site in our "Stories" area. I would like to point out that there are many parts of their site that are available now in English. I hope that all of you will frequent their site from time, and I also hope that you will say thanks either here or on their site for saving these stories.


Thanks all. I am really glad that we were able to find a home for those stories that were not going to be preserved.


White Fox


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Thanks Tryxie.

I had forgotten about that. Once they are on the French site we are ok as they will be backing them up, etc. I really want to have people's work saved with those.

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