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Barbara Parkins; Sally Field; Faye Dunaway; Requests thread

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I thought I would start a thread for requests and also for people to help those requests; since it is worth remebering that what we find on the net is merely a surface scratch of searching for anything let alone fur wearing images. Unless someone lists it as a word it won't come up.


Anyway, there are a number of actresses who thrilled me over the years and I haven't fur pics of them.


One is Barabar Parkins. She was especially special to me as she was the spit of my neighbour when I was a kid. She was a local tv beauty pageant winner and looked the spit of Barabar Parkins in VAlley of the Dolls. SHe also wore nice furs, and I remember her fondly as she would always give me cigarettes as a kid. One time in particular when in a gorgeous fox fur she offered me a cigarette at the bus stop and smoking with her and semi hiding behond her fur was especially nice! Anyway , I always had a thing about Barbar Parkin because of her I guess; and often she would wear fur and smoke too.

SO I was wondering if anyone had any pics or vidcaps of Barbara Parkin. She wore fur in a number of things. Puppet on a Chain I remember I think she wore fur. Also I found this on the net but Barbara is on the side I don't think that is her in fur; anyone know what that is from?




But then she was also in the Peyton Place next generation movie as Betty Anderson Harrington and appears to have worn fur in that:




Alos I would be particularly interested if anyone has vidcaps of Sally Field wearing furs....particularly coloured sheared furs...in the Movie "Soap Dish", particularly smoking ones.


Also then there Are the many times Faye Dunaway has appeared in furs; again precious little on the net. There was a prticula British programme in the early/mid 80s I saw a clip of and never got to see it where she was in a car smoking swathed in huge white fox furs. Have no idea what it was.


Then Lyndsey Duncan (Rome) also wears a charcoal grey mink in Traffic the tv series and "Dead Head" the sexy 1980s cult classic which has been buried because of the amount of smoking and fur in it.


Anyone got vidcaps or photos?


Anyone else got similar requests?

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I've only seen snippets of "Soap Dish" but I'm not sure if Sally Field's furs there are actually real. Of course some fake furs look similar to sheared furs so it's equally possible that they are fake or real. Might be worth checking the films credits to see if they mention who supplies her wardrobe.


I've seen a pic of two of the Faye Dunaway role you mention but I can't remember where it was from either. There was a small pic in the Radio Times from the 80s that I might still have but I've no idea what the film is. You might want to trawl through IMDB for some clues. I've placed the picture in the Gallery.


Joining in on your call for rare scenes though, I remember a lovely piece in a BBC consumer or lifestyle show in about 1995-96. It featured Tara-Palmer Tompkinson shopping in Camden Market wearing a cute red fox jacket. Like most of these shows thow they're almost never repeated and won't be released on DVD but someone might have it still.



Mr Mockle

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Sally Fields furs I am pretty sure were sheared coloured furs. Thanks for the other info and the pic! Yes that pic is the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome IMHO. Appreciated!!! Anyone else remember it?

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Cor, yer be asking for a fur media library next Tos where all the clips could be sorted & categorised by actress/show/genre then uploaded & shared amongst the fur community on summit like YouTube....! Nah! don't think that concept would ever fly!


Sorry No to both your wants, not got them in my collection but I do have a coupla of missing clips that would be worthy of inclusion if anybody has them?


Cleo Rocos - appeared on a show about Valentine's day & was a blind date for some fellah that volunteeered as he had no valentine - she turned up swathed in a white fox coat with white thigh high boots, i kid you not, unfortunatly I wasn't near a vcr at the time.


Making News - an itv show that starred Paul Darrow (avon from Blake's 7) & Bill nighty which featured a lot of fur clad lovelies in the pilot & early episodes, it only survived the 1st series before being axed!


Don't suppose anybody out there has these shows or recollects them?

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I have postd about 10 vidcaps of the awsome scene in How to marry A millionaire with Lauren Bacall smoking in a gorgeous mink and long leather gloves, in the gallery.

They are from what to me is one of the best fashion/movie/fetish archives on the net. If you go to www.operagloves.com you will find about another 50 of that scene.


SO....how about it folks? many of you have vidcaps......why not post series from classic movies like The Bitch and Faust and Midnight Blue for those of us who haven't facilities to do it? And specially if you have pics from obscure things too like Furelli and I have requested.

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