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Resistance is not futile:

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Lynxeete said I made an inspiring speech but my personal inspiration is not just fur. But yes we are beginning to fight well here against prejudice.


Much of that fight is behind the scenes by the vigilance of the Mods stopping possible PETAphile virus posts.


Indeed Lynxette well done for your particular efforts too; yes we are the pro Fur Maquis. We have worked together many times to redress nonsense in media and forum and from politicians etc. We must stand up against those who would destroy our liberty.


Now for those who are aware of my rallying call on this and disagree with it; please excuse me. However even if you don't read on and just think ho hum its TOS on a rant again, please at least read the link; you will find it astounding and it clealy wasn't read by many of you during the recent hunting argument. But for the benefit of those who aren't aware that the fight against ignorance is far wider and in danger of drastically affecting Liberties we take for granted, please read on:


They can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time; but if people like us just bury our heads; then who is there to show the people they have been fooled?


It is not PETA as such I am worried about . It's the fools in Government who accept their doctrine because they PAY the government in the UK bribes for example; and will thus do so in other nations too. Animal Rights groups gave Labour a Million pound ($2 million) bung and that is why BOTH fur farming and foxhunting were banned despite overwhelming evidence that neither are cruel and both defended by Conservation experts. Governement ignore the findings of their own research BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALREADY MADE UP THEIR MINDS BECAUSE THEY ARE COMPROMISED BY LOBBY GROUPS.


Then they changed tune when it came to animals testing; but the hypocrisy of that is made clear by Kate Hooey (one of the few Labour politicians not corrupted by the AR movement:




Our best chance of fighting PETA is to unite with other groups they attack on similar ridiculous premises and present a united front. I would also like to see that extended to other threats by governments to civil liberties, such as ID cards, discrimination against moslems wearing veils; the poSsible banning of fishing shooting and even boxing; in the USA abortion and guns and porn and gay rights; and of course anti smoking. And The worst of all is the Eugenics ideas of Tony Blair (stopping adolescent deviance by spotting potential trouble by policies aimed at single parents, counccil estate families etc )Frightening; fascist....whether it comes from the left or the right. I am non party political here.


Now all that requires is a multi lateral recognition of peoples rights.

We have the right to wear fur so we should also support the right to wear the veil. The smoker annoyed that he cannot smoke in a bar should also recognise that a similar respect should be accorded to people who hunt etc. The state does not own a woman's body, the woman does, and the state or lobby group should never be allowed to interfere with the unborn child over abortion OR eugenics. And neither should stae or lobby group interfere with the right to wear fur.

PETA are not the problem as such: its governemts imposing ridiculous laws that affect our liberty. If you allow a government, local or national, to pass a law that smoking around your kids is a criminal offence make no mistake about it the state will believe it also has the moral authority to stop people wearing fur. Indeeed; by proofoundly illiberal and racist laws against native peoples for example with sealskins/marine mammal ivory, they already are. Allow that and then its fur.


And as I said; if you tolerate this; then your children will be next.


I will post this again because I think its well worth the time to read it; It s Mark Almond the Professor of History at Oxford University; because it shows how the idea that the State has the authority to interfere with anything like this has sinister parallels:




Incredible that the first thing Hitler did when he came to power was ban the cooking of lobsters. The scream they make incidentally is air leaving the shell at high presure; by which time they are long dead. The same stupid justification is used against Fur (skinning alive) and hunting (ripped apart alive).


And the same mickey mouse prejudiced justification is used against the veil ( children can't hear the teacher with a veil...what nonsense! You should here my neighbour screaming through one at her husband!) ; and definitely too against smoking.

Yes its bad for you...but it CAN'T cause cervical cancer or stomach cancer (both now removed from the AMA list)and possibly only contributes to lung cancer at worst (as it is now thought to be caused by adeno viruses). The massive increase in prostrate cancer IS however caused by the high number of men who have given up smoking (yes that's right smokers are unlikey to get it, along with dozens of other diseases). But people believe that crap too. Oh doctors? You mean the same doctors that gave us Phrenology and Ideas of racial purity under the Nazis? Yeah right.


All these ignorant half baked prejudices have a nasty way of manifesting themselves in draconian law. Fur will go if you tolerate that kind of justification. As many people believe that smoking can cause cervical and stomach cancers as believe that fur is cruel; remember that. Both equally unfounded.


Now that is not to say we shouldn't uphold the NON smokers rights by allowing seperate sapce; or indeed ensure excellent animal wefare on fur farms ...as also the meat industry should comply with.


Now Many of you will not agree with some of the things I have put forward. Hunting and pro life are cases in point. HOWEVER; if we want people to repect our rights, surely the best way is to respect those of others? Personally I hate porn; but banning it will be a masive infringement of liberty and lead to cenorship of Art. We must ste aside our own prejudices and work together against all these opressive and unjust laws and pressure group posturing.


We must be free as citizens to enjoy our own property ,culture, religious and sexual preferences , and lifestyle choices. It is called Liberty and it is under attack from all sides.


BUT one thing for sure. The amount of women I saw in fur today (and I wouldn't think them fetishists, and not all fashionistas) Is a sign that people are starting to get very very pissed off with the antis and are demonstrating fighting spirit. The smirting culture in ireland suggests the same defiance being shown by people over that particular anti crusade; and the 2 million people who wnet foxhunting over the christmas period the same.


What is being said to these moral crusaders? You DON't tell us what to do, got it?


I see a parallel with the hysteria of the temperance movement, the prohibition of alcohol and the resultant huge increase in consumption.


And hopefully current moral crusades will as quickly fade into history if they are fought with the same spirit.


Get the Spitfires ready.

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Congratulations ToS. For once an concise and articulate post, devoid, of dubious grammar and dyslexic spelling that makes some of your posts discarded so quickly.


And for once I find myself supporting what you say. I feel faint, I cant believe I just agreed with ToS. My credibility has just been shot to hell.


Good work.



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what ? do I finally get a good grade miss? There are still some grammar and speeling mistakes. I think you need to keep me in detention.

My engish teacher at scoool had a similar haircut to you and my detentions are fondly remebered. The boiler used to get shut down at 3 so by 500 pm it was cold. She used to sit with her fur around her...


Seriously though thankyou Tryxie. My current realistaion of Leibertarina values owe much to your stirring quotes from Chruchill and Noemoller.

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Just to support one aspect of your post, TOS, As a North American I have traveled several times to the far north of this continent and I have seen first hand the economic hardship that non-thinking rejection of fur has done to native (meaning they were already here when we whites came to ruin the neiborhoods) American groups. These were the first true ecologists. They preserved and protected the nature that they used. Fur seals were their cash crop. Now predudice and ignorence fueled by selective and downright dishonest animal rights propoganda has robbed them of schools, hospitals, health care, and infrastructure. And it has robbed their children of higher education.


And then they call wearing fur "politically incorrect". There needs to be a new set of priorities.



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Mr C thankyou for those brave words.


OFF I know your thoughts are with us on this; as are those of Miss Theresa; absent from her while she licks the wounds sustained in battle with fascists and writes down her Libertarian life story while we wait.


Indeed I also appeal to those native members who lurk quietly here because you believe that somehow you will be allowed the right to hunt when he illiberal forces of government start to intervene: you will not: so join us now.



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