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Fur sightings today

Guest touchofsable

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Okay its not many but quality and in the high street of a rough town.


One lady, stylish, long hair but late 40s in a stunning 3/4 lunaraine mink. Another lady about the same age came out of Boots the chemist and turned my head so much I walked into someone. She had a massive fox collar and front (crystal) and cuffs on a biege leather jacket. I think it was Gucci.

Then an oriental laady of about 30 with a black fox collar and trim poncho with red fox flecks I think: difficult to see as she was sitting, but definitely fox and cashmere.


Then a young girl of around 18 in her mother's I would say blue fox power jacket; a little too big and falling off her shoulder but made it very now.


A lady of about 40 with a brown coat with a huge brown fox collar.


About 6 fox trimmed shearlings; and one with huge flared mouton cuffs and collar...very contemporary.


And a girl of about 16 in a raccoon davy crockett hat with a long black cahsmere frock coat with corsetted back, and leather gauntlet gloves with huge black mouton cuffs on the gloves.....smoking! She looked amazing ; very stylish in an emo way. Another emo girl about 10 minutes later with a similar look but a belted piece fox (red) 3/4 and footless tights.


Then about 4 or 5 rabbits on both younger and older, vintage and new.

The thing is ther were about 20 women/girls in faux...really bad faux ( I only saw one quality swing black one on a perfume counter girl and that looked as nice as ever....seems to have been a classic look for 15 years for those girls). SO I think that most people can't tell the difference between real and faux anyway, and in circles where the fashionista girls have influence theyoung generation are NOT anti fur. It is only chavs and hippies; and the former because they would pick on anyone. So it is my opinion that the women that wear fur need the excuse of really cold weather and then they emerge. I couldn't help wondering now though, if they ever pop by here some of them!


Also a stunning lady in her late 30s in a futted leopardsnin (faux but nice) with turned down thigh boots and wearing gloves and smoking; long dark hair. Nice.


Then a number of quilted jackets with fox fur trims, and dozens of fur hood trims...75% faux but wirth looking for the odd real one; which can be nice in the breeze against the face of a pretty girl.


At last winter is here.

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So it is my opinion that the women that wear fur need the excuse of really cold weather and then they emerge.


Interesting point ToS.


Although I keep trying to persuade her, my wife only wears her fur when it's really cold. Any other time, she just gets too hot, it's as simple as that., especially out shopping in hot stores etc, And she doesn't want the hassle of carrying a fur coat ove her arm when she takes it off. So I can understand and respect her reasons. (Also if she gets too hot, her fuse gets shorter and I bare the brunt )


So yesterday we went out and she wore her 3/4 mink. She is still under the impression that she will be noticed and picked on by the antis if she wears fox in public, so she tends to keep these for going out to friends in the evening. - shame.


She also has a 100% angora which she looks gorgeous in, reckon it's softer than fur. But she never ever wears it because she just gets too hot in it!! ( I mean temperature hot!)


So I think a lot of time in the UK we may not see furs simply because it is too mild most of the time.

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Actually Ravens you make an important point here.


My girlfriend too gets more incomfortable in fur when shopping in winter than in summer. Yes I am lucky she wears furs in summer often. She suffers fom cold because she has a medical condition.


So how come in winter she gets uncomfortable? Well the thing iis as you point out its the shops. Yesterday I was in BOOTS getting some photos done and I was there for nearly an hour. I had warm clothing on as I had been in the countryside in morning and it wa raw. Still was outside. Anyway by the end of it I was boiling; uncomfortably so even without fur. The temperature in the store was almost 70 degrees.


Three isues here. Firtsly, that heat is not for customer comfort as every customer will be outside at some point, so you get cold then boiling. It is for the workers to sw\an around in thin polyester shirts ect.

Secondly its really bad as the heat like this....especially in somewhere like A paharmacy superstore, is really unhealthy because of all the people sneezing and coughing. Germs bred that should be dying out this time of year, and that makes shopping among a crowd unhealthy.


But thirdly it is just wickedly ignorant. It is one of the major causes of global warming. It uses often non renwable energy PURELY to burn this energy to meake heat. That is UNACCEPTABLE knowing what we know now. Fuel it is hard to see us doing without, and so we should conserve our emissions for that, and industrial proceses. But store/office/workplace heating; especially to such an absurd level, is utterly unacceptable. We should ALWAYS complain about the heat to the store manager.


On a comfort/health level it is cause enough; but when the arctic is melting, polar bears starving and communities having to be relocated it is the height of western hypocrisy and ignorance.


So let's contribute to the chorus of dissaproval about it.


Companing can get major changes. I have secured a little change in at least three places by keeping on their backs; their heating is now turned down a little at least.

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Exactly right TOS. I'll make a point of complaining in future.


Guess this should really be posted in the Pub. But if Government was REALLY interested in cutting carbon emissions and energy consumptions instead of revenue collecting from us soft targets. It would create campaigns to lower heating in stores offices and homes, switching off all-night lighting in virtually every shop and office block in the cities, and promote new build houses to have PV and Solar panels on the roof.


All low cost solutions that hurt no one but which would make a huge difference.


Oh and while we are at it. penalise unwanted pregnancies and births (especially un married teenagers). Reward smaller family units. And balance immigration with Emigration to net zero value.


After all its not energy consumption that is the problem, it's just too many people consuming the same individual requirements.


If Any debate arises from this, I suggest it goes to the pub.


So to get back to fur


Despite the cold we haven't turned on our central heating. Just wear more clothes - we are not uncomfortable and the bonus is that my wife wears her fox coat around the house, and is as warm as toast. (and also great to look at!!)

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I only need it to be 15 degrees C or 59 F in order to wear furs myself, granted not necessarily lynx or coyote at the higher temps but a light mink jacket for sure. Touch of sable I know you are correct however regarding most women needind it to be practically sub zero to "need" to wear furs, as I hear this all the time. I suppose the difference is needing and wanting.

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Oh and while we are at it. penalise unwanted pregnancies and births (especially un married teenagers). Reward smaller family units. And balance immigration with Emigration to net zero value.



Actually, you don't need governments to interfere at all; that is the problem. You don't need to penalise pregnancies just NOT reward them. Family income supplements in the form of tax credits are stupid; they encourage it. I know a guy with four kids by two unmarried relationships. It doesn't pay him to work actually; though when he does the income is made up by the government to the level where he is if he doesn't work. This is wrong, and soul destroying for him as when he is working he has to go through all the bureacracy and actuaally gets in debt while he is waiting for the money as the said beueaucracy is useless.


Now we can't penalise existing families but we should definitely discourage e future ones by scrapping the whole idea. Of course it is that which keeps Labour in power: they have bribed the electorate.


As for the immigration/emigration thing again it requires the government NOT to interfere.


People from outside the EEC are not allowed to work....ridiculous when if they come here as refugeses....often criminals....they get state handouts. I say let them all come but DONT give them any money from the state: end of immigration problem. But allow any of them to work if they have skills to offer.


People coming here from the EEC are often needed. The racing industry would be buggered without people from the EEC. Why? Because we do not teach children to ride in the UK, have a ridiculous compansation culture and stupid union regulations . SO nobody wants to work in racing because its dangerous. So hence there are thousands of Czechs Poles and Ukranians who are willing to do it. No problem with them; they are an asset to the UK. When the czech governemnt stopped training people to become bureaucrats and let them on their own two feet they trained for jobs which were needed....there are even schools for cocktail barstaff where they do accountancy training and health/nutrition and cuisine education too. So they make far better and more adaptable employees

Then again you can have a Ukranian team doing your building work who are qualified to do everything: electricain, builder, carpenter, plumber ect. Such things in the UK are protected by Uniion law dating back to the 70s and "differentials"...so we have over paid specialist trades. Anyway. you still can't get a plumber for love nor money half the time so these people are needed too...as are all the unslkilled labourers.

So where does the government come in? Well they STOP these stupid technology colleges and low standard education in terms of youth training and let the market take its course. Keep the government out and let employers take on people for apprenticeships after a decent education where they do such novel things like learn to read and write; and a basic academic education. The rest should be left to the market; but existing youth employment law is ridiculous....teenagers are wasting their time oon such nonsense...so its easier to take on ready trained people from abroad....especially with their versatility unhindered by poor employment training in their own countries. A czech stable lad goes to college for three years; so they are better....and learn things like fence building etc which ours dont.


As for people emigrating again its the action of the government in so many ways that pusshes two milion Brits a year to leave the country. Some of the wealthiest ones so we all suffer.


Get rid of the government and have one that does not interfere and try to engineer society at our expense and you get rid of all these problems. Labour like making social problems as it keeps a third of the electorate in cushy jobs thereby satisfying Unions like Unison. Get rid of the lot of them and make them train for the jobs that we need former communist country people to do because they recognised that problem 12 years ago.





So to get back to fur


Despite the cold we haven't turned on our central heating. Just wear more clothes - we are not uncomfortable and the bonus is that my wife wears her fox coat around the house, and is as warm as toast. (and also great to look at!!)


CORRECT! And you help minimise damage to the environment. You don't NEED heating in the UK; it causes condensation which makes damp for example anyway; makes germs and even parasites not die off; etc.


And YES it looks great!!!!! (He says glancing at his girlfriend doing the accounts with a mink over her shoulders !)

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Which part of the country do you live in, TOS? I work over in York, which I thought was relatively upmarket, and I rarely see any faux furs, never mind real furs.

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I saw FIVE minks in York last winter in one afternoon! Three stunning blackglamas and two of them on girls under thirty . Mind; I do look at people to see what they are wearing. Everyone...I scan crowds; most people don't I notice unless they are walking right by them. AND I have time often to sit in a coffee shop and gather my thoughts and look out the window.


Seek and you shall find. THINK where they are likely to be worn too. Train stations but not bus stations; department stores but not poundstretchers ect. Marks and spencers is always good. People dont wear them to work so avoid rush hours. If there are furs around its better 10 am to midday and 3pm to 5 pm. Banks at lunchtime...the local garage owners wife pops into town just to go and apy in the cash in her fox fur. But they dont hang about either. its often a flying visit to MandS. Upmarket hotel bars are also good. I tend to frequent those places if I go into town anyway; its just pot luck if you catch a lady in fur. Today I only saw one...a chinese lady in beige mink; oh and a couple of fox hoods and a shearling or two. This is a rough town so there arent the antis (nearly always middle class) there are in a lot of trendy cities like Bristol/Bath....but even there if you know where to go you will find them. We have a small black community who wear furs; an Italian one who wear furs, a korean/chinese one who wear furs and also a fashion college so like Tryxie most fashion students are pro fur....they tend to wear vintage. Then there is the in crowd factor operating here because of the racing/hunting fraternity who all wear fur....all the jockeys girlfriends and stuff who tend to model and work in media.


BUT I have to say it was FREEZING here yesterday; yes most days this winter I have hardly seen any fauxs either.

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I just got home from the Canes game and 2.5 straight hours of torture/enjoyment, depending on how you look at it. Sitting across the aisle in the next section was a gorgeous blonde lady (mid-late 30s or early 40s --I'm so bad at this) wearing black spike pointy heels, red leather slacks, and a very stylish 3/4 blazer with garnet and black abstract geometric designs on a white background...and a black velvet scarf. She was stunning and sitting with whatus simpletons down south call a sugar daddy. While I'm thinking to myself "The only thing missing is the gorgeous fur", no more than 5 minutes pass when her and her sig. other exited to the concession lounge and she was carring her full length mink. During the 2nd period the coat was in plain sight draped between her and the edge of her seat and by the second intermission she was wearing the coat and did so throughout the 3rd period. As the third period began and we both were returning to our seat simultaneously, I overcame my shyness and complimented her on her beautiful coat and she seemed quite receptive. I'm very cautious about approaching women that don't know me because even though my intentiions are always honorable, they seem to get spooked before getting to know who I am (long story I'll share in the right time and place). Anyway, the hockey game was pretty lousy effort on my team;s part but at least there was good company with my coworker and the scenery was top notch. My coworker does not know about my love of fur (not many do) but he (A widower) seemed to be quite smitten as well. The man with the lady gave constant attention to her while she was wearing the coat btw. He was living the dream.


Furry dreams tonight, maybe someday before I'm too old to enjoy it perhaps it can work out for the rest of us. Good night all...



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Thanks for sharing that. Goes to show that women do rspond positively to a compliment on her fur, especially as otheriwsie she may interpret the attention as possible hostility.


Please folks always try to compliment a lady in fur rather than oggling and maybe worrying them unecessarily.


Sometimes its difficult to tell someone staring as hostile or fascinated.


Also intersting to note "normal" guys...as I am always eager to point out...love a beautiful lady in furs too.

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one of my classmates came into class this morning round 10am central us in Texas here in waco, texas this time wearing a full lenght faux lynx coat. Very nice guy and he actually looked nice in it. African American student that i know. He's one of the MCI classmates that i know here. Didnt get a chance to say any thing to him but will later.

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