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Anyone help? Pics downloading prob


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For some reason whenever I download pics from other sites, I no longer get the option to download and save as a jpg. The only options I am given in my "save as" dropdown are art. or bmp.


If the pic I am downloading already has a jpg.ending, then no matter how I save it it still saves as a jpg, even though I've saved it as art or bmp. (as above). This means that my reader is not able to read it and I got a not available or "cant read file" message, and very often when I go to the file O have saved it to from the ionternet, the pic is not even there.


I'm pretty sure I've got a clean computer, but it seems like some of my pic download settings have changed somewhere. Where do I find them to change them back again?


Also still get the problem mentioned some weeks ago that when I try to view pics from web pages, SOME of them do not come up in true colours, more like a kind of water colour pic, ie. the colours are a bit like a "painting by numbers" picture (if anyone remembers those?"


Use windows xp and windows vieweer to view pics.


Hope someone can advise


Is this enough information or does it sound confused


Technology eh? - I am sure life used to be simpler!

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Your web browser and Windows Picture Viewer are not well suited for translating pictures from one format to another.


".bmp" are big, unweildy picture formats that usually offer little or no compression. ".jpg" are compressed formats that selectively leave out information in order to make the picture take up less space on your hard drive and use less bandwidth over the internet. The two formats are, for all intents and purposes, incompatible.


Yes, I know Picture Viewer has limited ability to change pictures from one format to another but, overall, it is woefully inadequate for anything but viewing. (Even then, it has inadequacies.)


My BEST advice is to learn how to use Photoshop or GIMP. I have dragged many people, kicking and screaming, into the world of Photoshop as they cried out, "It's too hard! I don't know HOW!" But after about 15-30 minutes of practice they become Photoshop converts. Several of them have become better at it than I am!


If all you want to do is to convert pictures from one format to the other, you can try Quicktime. You'll have to pay about $30 for a "Quicktime Pro" license key. (Unless you know what the word, "keygen" means! )


But, if you want an introductory program into the world of multimedia, Quicktime is the way to go. You can download it from http://www.apple.com/quicktime


And YES! It comes in a Windows version! Frankly, Apple writes better software for Windows than Microsoft does!


Also, don't forget that certain websites use tricks to try to prevent you from downloading their pictures. You'll have to spend some time learning about how your web browser works in order to circumvent them but, if you're willing to learn, you'll find that there is NOTHING that can be displayed on your screen that you can't copy one way or another.


In the computer world, NOTHING is impossible. Some things just take longer!

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Its a windows bug!

Be sure to empty ALL history files on your PC e.g. temporary internet files, recently opened and so on.

A good help for that might be a tool like WebWasher, CCleaner or similar.


You will be surprised after that

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Hey Silverfox it worked! Many thanks for that. You are right, I'm amzed at the amount of "stuff" that could be cleared out. over 700 mb, and now pics download no problems. - good advice.


I used ccleaner and ashampoo winoptimiser


Thanks also to Worker and Tryxie T for your help, it's all usefull advice

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