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Garment Quality Tanning


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I'm not sure how many of us would ever require the services of a tannery but you never know. There are from time to time bunches of raw furs offered on E-bay and that is just one scenario, I'm sure there are others, but in any event, I respectfully ask the moderators to add one to our links section. They are called Moyle Mink and Tannery and I can speak from personal experience that they do excellent work. They use a very natural alum and ash tanning solution and produce some of the nicest garment grade furs available anywhere. Also, they donate a percentage of their profits to the National Trappers Association every year in support of the effort to defeat the Anti's, and that's a good thing. The web site is as follows:



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Thank you for the interesting point and link furnation. To be quite honest, I have never noticed that raw pelts are offered on ebay...but hey, why not, everything else in the universe is! I suppose this is because I am just too anxious to get the final product out the door and into my closet to go through the individual steps.

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