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The next time you read one of White Fox's posts, take a look under his avatar at his post total. As I write this, it stands at 5,055, making White Fox the first member (and probably the only member for a long time) to reach the 5,000 post mark. Think for a minute how long it takes you to make just one post. Think about how much thought that goes into making it. Now, multiply that by 5,000. Imagine if you only had a dial-up to work with(!) Then think about the incredible amount of time White Fox spends working to make this site what it is today. Can we all spell D-E-D-I-C-A-T-I-O-N - ? I know much has been said about the work that AKcoyote has put into building this site, and those praises have been well-deserved, but I know of no one in the fur community - past or present - who has done more for the advancement of the community, or any member of The Fur Den - past or present - who has shown as much unconditional love and service than White Fox. There has been much discussion among the mods and admins lately about establishing a "Hall of Fame" that will preserve the memory and accomplishments of notable people in the internet fur community from the beginning years through present day. If there ever will be a hallmark of the fur community incorporated into this shrine, then it should be identified as "White Fox." We are so fortunate to have him as our Chief Administrator!


Congratulations, White Fox!

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Man, it sure means that I talk too damned much around here doesn't it!


Thanks all. But this is such a great place it is so easy to post here.


Folks you ain't seen nothing yet! New projects here include keeping parts of Mr M's and Fur Babe's sites for you and new Fur Loving Members to see in the future. We believe that these sites were both a "one of a kind" and there is nothing even close to them on the net now. Thus, much of the information on them should be saved. If you have not seen it, look at the bottom of the Gallery. You will find a surprise there already.


Also, as FrBrGr suggested we have had suggestions for a couple of other new projects as well that we are only beginning to work on. You will soon see them developing in the Library. I am so excited about both of them!


Like Earendil has often said. "The Fur Den Kicks Ass!"


Thanks for the compliments! This is such a tremendous place. But each of You are a great part of it too and I hope you know that.


White Fox

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Congratulations White Fox.


Your contributions and guidance are invaluable.

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As FrBrGr said White Fox is nothing if not DEDICATED to this site and the fur community. I do not know of another individual who puts so much effort into something that is not an income producing job! I have noticed he is frequently on the site by 7 - 8 AM and still working on some part of the site at 1 AM or later the next morning.


Congratulations WF

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I will fill you in on a little secret!! I'll bet his real count is closer to 6000!!


White Fox has for the last six months tried to keep his posts down, ...he will return replies in the original post, ...he will clean up old posts and delete.


I doubt there are many who know how much dedication he has to this site. Outside of AK, there is no one else that comes close.


We are blessed!!


Thank you for all that you do!



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Yes I hail you white fox!


Let us not forget, in the field of human endeavour, "never so much has been owed to so few"


These words are as important from our point of view and from a point of view of anyone who values Liberty, as then.


And in any resistance movement...for in the face of PETA ideology that is what the furden is....we have leaders, whose example shines bright to all of us.


Let White Fox be an example to all of us. Ad especially those who lurk in the shadows. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED....you don't have to fly 5000 sorties; just a few moments of your time to help refuel the spitfires is what we ask.


Because if you do not assist in this war against Liberty, we face the end not only of fur but of all domesticated animlas, animal farming and hunting. AND THAT will mean an end to the planet, as its non renewable resource exploitation will wipe us all out.



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Touch of sable, that is such an inspiring speech...really. I especially like the bit about the den being in a sense a sort of resistance against the PETAphiles. I had not really thought of it that way, but I wage the battle every chance I get when people ask questions about the furs I wear. Hopefully I have made some headway with some, or at least caused food for thought.

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Thankyou Lynxette; I just hope that people could see this as part of a wider battle at the moment. For those interested, I will again summarise my position in the denne pub; as this is a thankyou to WhiteFox; who himself has also inspired many of us.

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